Constitutional Rights and Remedies

Courses and Curriculum


The Constitutional Rights & Remedies Program (CRRP) focuses on conceptual and practical difficulties relating to the development of federal constitutional law and provides a synthesis of practice and theory for those interested in the litigation of constitutional rights and remedies. During their second- and third-years of law school, Program students pursue a specialized curriculum featuring doctrinal courses and experiential learning opportunities in the Civil Rights Clinic, the Criminal Defense Clinic and legal externships, leading to a Certificate in Constitutional Rights & Remedies. Program students also have the opportunity to interact with practicing attorneys, policymakers and scholars specializing in the litigation of constitutional rights.

CRRP Certificate requirements may be found here: CRRP_AdvisingForm15_16_FNL.pdf

You are also invited to discuss the Program with faculty members and with the Program’s administrative director. Students choosing to participate in the Program may complete a Program Enrollment Form.


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