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Denver Law provides students with the skills and legal training to make an immediate, valuable impact upon graduating, but we know your degree is just the foundation toward building a successful legal career. In addition to the exceptional education you'll receive, we help you define and pursue your career goals from the first day of classes to graduation and beyond.

Our Mission: 

The Office of Career Development (CDO) is dedicated to helping Denver Law students and alumni meet the needs of today's dynamic legal workplace. From the career planning stage, through applications, interviews and beyond, we can help you every step of the way. In particular, we pride ourselves in helping JD, master's, LLM and graduate tax students connect with our vast network of alumni and other professionals, in Denver, throughout Colorado and beyond.

Simply put, the CDO will be with you every step of the way to ensure your degree opens the doors to your future.


  • Assists JD, master's, LLM and graduate tax students and alumni with their career planning.
  • Helps students and alumni to develop the skills necessary to obtain satisfying and meaningful employment.
  • Connects students, alumni and employers in Denver, throughout Colorado and beyond.
  • Provides access to resources for students and alumni to search for jobs and employers to post jobs. 
  • career development handbook

    Career Development Handbook

    Career and Professional Development Requirements, Networking & more.

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  • resume image

    CDO Guide: Application Materials

    Resumes, Cover Letters, References, Writing Samples, Transcripts & Thank You Notes.

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    CDO Guide: Interviewing

    Best approaches for successful interviews with potential employers.

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    CDO Guide: Judicial Clerkships

    Questions and answers, ideal timelines & application materials.

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  • icon of globe

    CDO Guide: Careers in Public International Law

    Specializations, organizations & institutions, networking & professional development, and job search strategies.

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    Denver Law Careers Online (Symplicity)

    Symplicity - Where students and alumni search for jobs online.

    Search for Jobs

Building Careers and Inclusive Communities

We believe that legal education institutions and the larger legal community are not as diverse and inclusive as they should be. We strive to create a sense of belonging and combat all forms of discrimination, prejudice and racism to create a more just and inclusive office, school, and professional community.

We bring a commitment to help all students have a fair shot at any kind of employment they seek.

We provide a safe place for people to discuss issues related to discrimination, diversity, and inclusion at the law school, with employers, and in our communities.

career events

Career Development Events


The Career Development Office played a significant role in my post-graduate experience. As a law student, I was very nervous about finding a job that would be rewarding both vocationally and financially. The CDO team worked zealously alongside me to help me find the best possible situation. In short, the CDO is well-connected, enthusiastic, and eager to find lasting careers for its students.

Colton Johnston, Associate Attorney, Jackson White, P.C.
Colton Johnston
DU Campus


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Office of Career Development and Opportunities

For Employers

The CDO is your lifeline to highly qualified, well-prepared students, recent graduates and alumni to meet your needs. Through hiring assistance, on-campus and off-campus interviews and programming we can find you the perfect candidate. 


Employer Services

Additional Resources

  • Student Resources

    Career Fairs

    Career fairs are a great opportunity for you to meet with many enthusiastic and talented law students who are eager to learn about career options and to gain experience in a variety of settings. You will be able to discuss, with interested students, your organizational structure and/or opportunities within your organization.


    Each semester, the Office of Career Development presents innovative programming designed to help students identify career goals and develop the tools to achieve them. In addition to offering a number of specialized programs each semester, the CDO regularly presents the following programs:

    • How to Get a Government Job
    • Resume/Cover Letter Writing Workshop
    • Interviewing/Networking Workshop
    • Partners at Law (PALs)
    • Opportunities for Lawyers in Corporate Legal Departments
    • Career Information Fair

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    Cover Letters

    The cover letter is your first – and possibly only – opportunity to engage a prospective employer. It is a key marketing tool to convince the employer to take the time to look at your resume. Think of it as “bait” that you are using to “hook” the reader. Attorneys or law firm recruiting coordinators are searching for a reason to dismiss your application. Don’t give it to them by writing a cover letter that is rambling and poorly written or contains typos or grammatical errors.

    The CDO can help you create a cover letter that best “hooks” potential employers to consider your application. Before meeting with a Career Consultant, make sure to check out our cover letter tips.

    Sturm College of Law Student Business Cards

    The DU Quick Copy Center (located in the DU Bookstore) offers business cards for current law students. Please send your contact details to and they will provide a proof before printing. Production takes 2-3 business days.


    • 50 cards $20.50
    • 100 cards $26.00
    • 250 cards $33.75
    • 500 cards $49.50
    DU Business Card Sample
  • Alumni Resources

    What Can We Do For You?

    Your job search doesn’t end after you land that first job. You know that there is always room for change, for expansion, and for finding that “better fit.” If you are in the process of rethinking your career, or even if you’re just wondering what your options are, take advantage of the career services that Denver Law offers its alumni:

    • Access to our Resource Library
      Our Resource Library houses a variety of materials relating to the traditional practice of the law, alternative careers for lawyers, public interest work and careers in the non-profit sector. In addition, we have a notebook that includes all of our current job postings that are also available online.
    • Attendance at Programs Sponsored by the Office of Career Development
      The CDO sponsors many informative programs throughout the school year, all of which may be attended by alumni. The Career Information Fair, which is held early in the second semester of the school year, is of particular interest to many alumni, as it gives them the opportunity to talk with lawyers doing work in traditional and non-traditional settings. Many of our programs are videotaped and available for online viewing. 

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    • Career Consulting
      The CDO reviews resumes and cover letters, gives advice on job search strategies, and assists alumni considering a transition. We are happy to meet with our alumni at any point in their career, and the number of such counseling sessions is not limited.

    What Can You Do for Us?

    There are a number of opportunities for Denver Law alumni who are interested in remaining involved with and advancing the mission of the law school. At the Office of Career Development, alumni can help by:

    • Participating in the Partners at Law (PALs) luncheon hosted by the Office of Career Development to allow students to meet alumni in an informal setting, and/or other networking programs at the College of Law. 

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    • Serving as a speaker or panel member in the Law Practice Specialty Series where attorneys practicing in various specialty areas speak to students about the substantive and practical realities of working in these specialties. 

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  • Videos
  • Policies & Forms
    • CPDR Program Description
    • Program Co-Sponsorship/CPDR Request Form
    • CPD Make-Up Form
    • Transcripts
    • Reciprocity

      Reciprocity is either our agreement or the agreement of another law institution to allow graduates to use the job search resources available in the Office of Career Development & Opportunities. Utilizing the reciprocity agreement with other law schools is a wonderful job search tool when you are looking for employment in another city or geographic region of the country. It is important to understand that each law school has its own reciprocity requirements. Before requesting reciprocity, please contact the host school to confirm their current reciprocity policy.

      As a University of Denver College of Law student/alumnus requesting reciprocity at another law school you must contact the Office of Career Development & Opportunities representative by calling 303-871-6124 or emailing When contacting us, please provide the name of the school you are requesting reciprocity at, your name, address, and phone number. Be sure to request reciprocity at least one week before leaving town, if not sooner. This gives both our office as well as the career services office of the host school time to process your request. You will receive a copy of the reciprocity request letter and a copy of the host school’s response granting or denying reciprocity. If you are granted reciprocity be sure to show your copy of the acceptance letter when you arrive at the host school.

      University of Denver Sturm College of Law Reciprocity Policy

      1. The University of Denver Sturm College of Law Office of Career Development & Opportunities offers reciprocity to students and graduates of ABA-accredited law schools.
      2. Reciprocity is available to law schools permitting DU law students and graduates use of their facilities. Reciprocity, which remains in effect for three months from the date of the written request, is granted on a one-to-one request basis. The first request for reciprocity from a particular law school will be accepted; however, a second request must be matched by a request by DU for reciprocity before the second reciprocity request will be accepted.
      3. Requests must be made via email prior to the planned visit by an authorized representative of the law school requesting reciprocity. Please include the student’s/alumnus’ date of anticipated or actual graduation and a local address and phone number in the request.
      4. Reciprocity is not available from August 1 through November 15.
      5. If granted reciprocity, remote access to our Symplicity system will be given for a total of three months. Guest accounts are “browse-only.” As such, guests cannot upload documents to the system, or apply for any confidential job postings, nor can they participate in on-campus interviews, job fairs, or mock interviews. In addition, services such as career counseling, resume review, and cover letter review are NOT available to guests. When responding to notices found in our Symplicity system, guests are required to let employers know that they found the job listing through a reciprocal agreement with the University of Denver Sturm College of Law.
      6. The Office of Career Development & Opportunities may deny reciprocity to individuals who misuse our facilities or do not comply with college policies. All Office of Career Development & Opportunities users are asked to sign in upon arriving at the office.

      To request reciprocity, please contact:
      Office of Career Development & Opportunities
      University of Denver Sturm College of Law
      2255 E. Evans, Suite 223
      Denver, Colorado 80208
      Tel: 303.871.6124

  • EEO Policy and Incident Reporting

    EEO Policy and Incident Reporting

    Equal Opportunity Policy

    Employers who recruit at Denver Law must agree to abide by the Career Development Office’s Equal Opportunity policy, which states that it is the policy and practice of the University to provide equal opportunity in employment, educational activities, and other programs to all employees, students, and applicants. No person shall be discriminated against in any condition of employment or opportunity because of race, color, national origin, ancestry, age (40 and over), religion, creed, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, pregnancy, military enlistment, veteran status, and genetic information. In addition, the College of Law prohibits all forms of sexual misconduct, which includes sexual harassment, non-consensual sexual intercourse, non-consensual sexual contact, sexual exploitation, domestic and dating violence and stalking.

    It is expected that employers who recruit from the Sturm College of Law and their employees
    will conform to this policy and take positive steps to assure that their work environments will be business-like and free of bias, prejudice, and harassment. The Sturm College of Law will extend its facilities and placement services only to those employers whose practices are consistent with this policy.

    This firm/agency/organization is an equal opportunity employer. All candidates for employment with this firm/agency/organization are considered equally and no distinction is made on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, genetic information, or veteran status.

    EEO Incident Reporting

    The University of Denver takes seriously claims harassment and discrimination in the workplace and provides several forms of support to students who have experienced this type of misconduct.

Online Career Resources

Access job postings and free career development information and job search advice, as well as research your target employers, with our hand-selected list of favorite websites.

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Employment Statistics & Consumer Information (ABA Required Disclosures)

Our commitment to accuracy and transparency in employment reporting goes beyond ABA requirements. 


CDO Staff

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Eric Bono

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Mia Kontnik

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