Workplace Law

JD Certificate Program


The Workplace Law Program offers in-depth study and training in Employment and Labor Law. The Program will also provide a platform for participating students to interact with employers and scholars in the field of workplace law. A Certificate in Workplace Law is available to students who successfully complete the requirements listed below.

1. Complete two (2) of the following core courses:
Employment Law Survey
Employment Discrimination Law
Labor Law

2. Complete an experiential learning opportunity through one (1) of the following:
• An employment/labor related clinical experience through the Workplace Rights Project.
• A workplace law-related externship approved by the Faculty Director.
• Completion of a research paper satisfying Denver Law’s upper-level writing requirement through a WPLP class or through directed research with a WPLP faculty member.
• Publishing a note on a workplace law topic in the Denver University Law Review under the supervision of a Workplace Law faculty member.
• Completion of a designated experiential advantage course in the WPLP.

3. Complete a minimum of twelve (12) credits in the WPLP curriculum.


Sturm College of Law
University of Denver
2255 E. Evans Avenue
Denver, CO 80208