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Justices of the Supreme Court Video Clips

Qualities of Good Writing

Video Clip Title Chief Justice Name Time Video Link
Importance of Legal Writing Class and Good, Concise Writing Counts Justice Ginsburg 2:20 View Video
Credibility Justice Thomas 3:04 View Video
Conciseness – Rehnquist Anecdote Justice Roberts 1:29 View Video
The Importance of Clarity in Writing, Achieved Through Multiple Drafts Justice Breyer 1:04 View Video
Clarity the Importance of Editing, and the Value of a Well-Written Brief Justice Roberts 1:55 View Video
Readability and Conciseness Justice Thomas 2:25 View Video
Simplicity and Separating Relevant Information from Irrelevant Information Justice Alito 2:52 View Video
Memo Writing – Writing to your Audience Justice Kennedy 1:35 View Video
Eliminating Modifiers for More Direct Style Justice Kennedy 1:24 View Video
Justice Thomas, Avoiding String Citations Justice Thomas 1:21 View Video

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