Diversity at Denver Law

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In today’s legal world, diversity and inclusiveness are more than aspirations. They are necessities.

At Denver Law, “a core part of our vision is the preparation of students for twenty-first-century legal practice, and this necessarily requires that our classrooms reflect the diversity of a twenty-first-century society.”1.

Our Strategic Plan, adopted by the faculty in 2011, committed the Sturm College of Law to adapting to “a changing world by considering the impacts on law and legal practice of phenomena such as globalization; increasing diversity; technological change; and the growing inter-connectedness of people and places.” 2. Denver Law’s 2015 Strategic Plan recognizes the value of the school’s pipeline programs and recommits us to the work of helping to “develop a legal profession whose diversity matches the society it serves….”3

Our Pipeline Initiatives are designed to open up pathways for diverse students to legal education. It is where we direct our energy and efforts. We build and foster relationships, and we construct and sustain programs, designed to increase the access of diverse students to college, to law school and to the legal profession.

Because we know we cannot do this alone, we are eager to rely on and share responsibilities with others to advance these aims. Because education and professional attainment are not achieved overnight, we embrace a long-term view. And in order to know how we are doing, we monitor and assess our efforts. We want to be judged on our results.

1. Catherine Smith, Seven Principles: Increasing Access to Law School Among Students of Color. Iowa Law Review, 96: 1677, 1683 (2011).
2. 2011 Strategic Plan, p. 2.
3. 2015 Strategic Plan, pp. 18-19.


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