Student Bar Association

  • Mission Statement

    The Student Bar Association (SBA) is the official resource and liaison for the student body in matters involving the school administration, faculty, and student services at University of Denver College of Law. SBA Senators serve on External Committees, which address specific facets of law school operations (such as Curriculum or Admissions), and Internal Committees, which primarily focus on student body issues and events.

    The SBA provides leadership for professional and social co-curricular and extracurricular activities, and seeks to enhance the academic atmosphere of the school. This takes many forms: programs whereby students provide academic assistance to one another, guest lectures on timely subjects, forum discussions in a field of law or area of controversy and other areas of interest. Additionally, SBA plans the occasional social events for the student body.

    Finally, SBA is also the umbrella student organization on the law school campus. We provide funding, authorization, and guidance for student groups.

  • Membership and Resources

    All persons enrolled in the Sturm College of Law are members of the Student Bar Association. Each member of the student body is automatically a member of SBA by virtue of registration in the Sturm College of Law. All members of the SBA pay a Student Activity Fee each term they are enrolled. The fee payment is required to enable the SBA Senate to fulfill its purpose.

    Member Resources

    Go to the Student Organization Resources page for information regarding event planning, advertising your event, student organization logos, ordering promotional items, and many other resources!

  • SBA Recognized Organizations

    For a full list of current SBA recognized organizations see the Student Organizations webpage.

  • Meetings
    • SBA meetings take place on Wednesdays from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m.
    • All SBA meetings take place in Room 125 or join via Zoom.
    • If you would like to present an issue to the SBA Senate, please e-mail by noon on Monday to be placed on the Agenda.

    Click here to view minutes from past SBA meetings.

  • Constitution
  • SBA Senate Members

    2023-2024 SBA Senate

    President: Dévi Stone Chung
    Full-Time Vice President: Juniper Loomis
    Part-Time Vice President: Mariah England
    Treasurer: Brianna Mendez
    Secretary: Maya Cemper-Walker
    SBA Liason to ABA: Gulnara Anzarova
    3L Full-Time Senator: Isabella Dietrich
    3L Part-Time Senator: Emily Garlock
    2L Full-Time Senator:  Gisselle Moreno
    2L Full-Time Senator: Shay Schulz
    2L Part-Time Senator: Jonathan Laurel
    1L Senator: Angela George
    1L Senator: Michaela McTee
    1L Senator: Lilli Warren


    Past Presidents
    2022-2023 President: Camille Moore
    2021-2022 President: Leonela Urrutia
    2020-2021 President: Tempest Cantrell

SBA Awards

Note: Outstanding Graduating Student, Daniel S. Hoffman for Outstanding Leadership, and the Faculty & Staff Awards are open to the entire student body for voting. However, the awards that are specific to the level or program (1L, 2L, Part-Time, and Legal Masters students) are only open to voting by those in that level or program.

  • SBA Student Achievement Awards (7)
    • Outstanding 1L Full-Time Student – This award goes to one (1) current 1L full-time student who exemplifies a commitment to achieving a legal education while actively participating in the academic and social progress of the law school and inspiring others to do the same. Only current 1L full-time students are eligible for this award.
    • Outstanding 2L Full-Time Student – This award goes to one (1) current 2L full-time student who exemplifies a commitment to achieving a legal education while actively participating in the academic and social progress of the law school and inspiring others to do the same. Only current 2L full-time students are eligible for this award.
    • Outstanding Part-Time Student(s) – This award goes to two (2) current part-time students who exemplify excellence in pursuing a legal education while participating in the academic and social progress within and outside of the law school. Consideration should be given to the fact that a part-time student is faced with the unique challenge of balancing part-time education with full-time life demands such as employment and/or family. Only current part-time students are eligible for this award.
    • Outstanding Legal Masters – This award goes to one (1) current legal masters student who exemplifies a commitment to achieving a legal graduate degree while actively participating in the academic and social progress of the law school and inspiring others to do the same. Only current legal masters students are eligible for this award.
    • Outstanding Graduating Student – This award goes to one (1) graduating student of the academic year who excels overall in exemplifying skill as a strong leader, support for academic progress and integrity, commitment to public interest, involvement within and outside of the law school, and overall advocacy for students and student programming.
    • Daniel S. Hoffman Award for Outstanding Student Leadership – This award goes to one (1) student who exemplifies a desire to be involved in the law school and encourage progress for a better learning environment among students, faculty, and staff. This award goes to a student who exemplifies leadership not only within a student organization but within the law school at large. This student should be a leader within an organization that has encouraged active participation of its members, better student programming, and leadership of the organization in the law school and legal community environments.
  • SBA Faculty and Staff Achievement Awards (3)
    • Most Outstanding Staff or Administrator – This award goes to one (1) staff member or an administrator who exhibits an overall commitment to the support of students during and after their law school career in an effective, efficient, and friendly manner. This award goes to a staff member or administrator who addresses students and student issues in a friendly, courteous, and respectful way. This award goes to a staff member or administrator who is responsive to student needs and issues.
    • Most Outstanding Faculty Member – This award goes to one (1) member of the faculty, tenured or non-tenured, who possesses an overall ability to teach in an engaging and entertaining manner, mentor students in an area of interest, push students to their greatest potential, and serve as a role model to the student body and the legal profession.
    • Mentorship Award – This award goes to one (1) professor or staff member who provides outstanding mentorship to students.

SBA Committees

  • ABA Committee

    Coordinates with the American Bar Association to better communicate between them and the University of Denver Sturm College of Law on issues affecting both entities.

  • Community Outreach/Fundraising Committee
    • Connect the DU Sturm College of Law SBA with resources, people, departments, organizations, and entities within and outside of the law school; 
    • Advance SBA goals in all communications; and 
    • Initiate and support community service projects in order to advance the well-being of DU Law students and the greater community. 
  • Elections Committee

    Facilitates the election cycle for both the 1L’s in the Fall and the Student Bar Association in the Spring by overseeing the nomination, campaigning and election periods on campus.

  • Finance Committee
    • Discusses travel and speaker requests submitted by student organizations and submits a recommendation to the full SBA Senate for final approval. For more information, contact the SBA Treasurer at
    • SBA Finance Regulation — Review these regulations for instructions on completing the Annual Budget Request.

    Forms (download, complete, and submit to

  • Health & Wellness Committee

    The Committee on Health and Wellness exists to identify and address issues that impact student well-being. The Committee takes a whole-person approach to these issues. We engage in advocacy and programming. 


    1. Grading reform: Stress and anxiety around grades takes a high cost on students. The Committee will engage with other committees to advance a more humane and equitable system of measuring student performance 
    2. Partnering with other Committees to survey students about the impacts of COVID 19, presenting student needs to faculty and administration; and advocating for student needs 
    3. Address the often-unspoken issues of sexual harassment and assault on campus 
    4. Shift law school culture to encourage collaboration, mutual care, diversity, and belonging.  


    1. Offer services that meet student needs including mental health services, wellness activities, access to COVID 19 relief, and basic needs assistance 
    2. Engage students in programming that addresses both personal and public health issues including substance use, mental health, sexual/reproductive health, and interpersonal violence prevention. 
    3. Reduce the stigma of law students seeking support for mental health or substance use 
  • Social Committee
    • Work with the student organizations, their leaders, and Student Affairs to facilitate collaboration on community events.
    • Supervise the recognition of new student organizations and shall work with the S.B.A. President, student organization leaders, and Student Affairs to facilitate calendaring of student organization sponsored events.
    • Coordinate social events approved by the Senate.
    • Maintain the S.B.A. social media accounts active with current information for students, important reminders, and announcements.
    • Ensure that all social activities undertaken by the S.B.A. are carried out in a manner prescribed by the S.B.A. Senate.
  • Diversity Committee
    • Foster a campus where all are welcome and supported. The Committee shall
    • Serve as the liaison between the University of Denver, Sturm College of Law administration, faculty, members, and diverse students and other students therein.
    • Work with affinity groups, other faculty, staff, students, and alumni to ensure that every member on campus is supported by the community at large.
  • Part-Time Committee

    The Part-Time Committee shall be composed by a Part-Time Committee Chair and up to three other Senate members appointed by the President. The President may also appoint non-Senate members from the S.B.A. to serve on the committee.

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