Student Organization Resources

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  • Student Leader Training
    • All organizations are required to complete the annual Student Leader Training and certification quiz in Canvas in order to qualify for funds the following year.
    • Canvas training is distributed in late summer to all new leaders who are selected for student organizations.
    • Please contact Student Affairs in suite 115 if your organization has any questions about funding or requirements.
    • View the Student Leader Training document by clicking the button below.

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  • Financial Information
    • Each student organization has a unique budget or "fund" number where finances are deposited and disbursed. Contact Finance & Budget Coordinator Theresa Baker for reports on your student organization account.
    • Most organizations (except law reviews/journals, Law Ambassadors, and some discrete clubs) are funded by the Student Bar Association. For funding information, budget request forms, special event request forms or travel funding, please visit the SBA Finance Committee website. All other organizations must contact their funding source or the Assistant Dean of Budget and Operations.
    • Please download the Student Leader Training document for information on approved expenses, reimbursements and sales taxes.
    • Deposit and reimbursement forms, as well as the Tax Exempt Form to give vendors in order to remove sales tax on purchases, can be found on this page under "Students and Student Organizations." All reimbursements and deposits must be submitted to the Dean’s Suite, 215. DU will not reimburse tax on purchases — no exceptions.
  • Planning Events
    • Please refer to the Student Leader Training document to help guide you through your event preparation. Guest speaker registration, contract review, and risk management waivers or insurance certificates must be completed at least three weeks prior to the event date. Alcohol petitions and SBA funding requests must be completed two weeks prior to the event date.
    • Any event including a guest speaker must be registered at least three weeks in advance. Registration is prompted when reserving a room through 25Live, but must also be completed via the Guest Speaker Registration Form. Please review the DU Speaker and Public Events Policy for further details.
    • In order to serve alcohol at any student organization–sponsored event, the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs must first be petitioned via the Alcohol Approval Form at least 10 business days prior to the event date. Proposed events must comply with the University's Use & Consumption of Alcohol Policy and alcohol may not be promoted in event advertisements.
  • Advertising Events
    • Before advertising an event, all students must submit their event information to Student Affairs using the Student Event Registration Form.
    • Events can then be submitted for the Student Affairs Weekly Newsletter using the Events and Announcements Submission Form.
    • To post to "Admitted Students" Facebook pages for which you do not have access, please contact Admissions.
    • Organizations may post flyers no larger than 8.5 by 11 inches on the bulletin boards throughout the law building, only after receiving approval from Student Affairs in Suite 115. No more than two flyers can be posted in each classroom. Flyers may only be hung using thumb tacks — use of tape, staples, sticky tack, nails, and other items is strictly prohibited.
    • Please review the SCOL Posting/Advertising Policy and the DU Use & Consumption of Alcohol Policy to ensure your advertisements comply.
    • The Student Affairs Weekly Newsletter is distributed by the Sturm College of Law for informational purposes only. We strive to bring the latest events, deadlines, and announcements, keeping you informed and connected with our vibrant community. To maintain the integrity and relevance of our newsletter, we reserve the right to exclude content that is not directly affiliated with the University of Denver. Thank you for your continued support as we work to deliver a newsletter that best serves the needs of our students, staff, and faculty.
  • Resources for Outside Organizations and Events

    Denver Law appreciates the legal community’s willingness to offer a plethora of programs and pathways that support students’ legal careers. Such engagement often offers meaningful opportunities for students to pursue externships and secure jobs, grow their networks, and develop mentorship relationships with practitioners. They can also help students build confidence and expand their knowledge of the profession and legal practice. To help ensure such opportunities are implemented and disseminated in inclusive and supportive ways, Denver Law shares these best practices to assist outside/external organizations in their event planning and advertising to the Denver Law student community. We strongly encourage outside/external organizations to adhere to these practices. If you have any questions, please contact Associate Dean Alexi Freeman at

  • Miscellaneous Information
    • To reserve a table on Student Street, complete the Student Event Reservation Form and then complete a reservation on 25Live.
    • To obtain guest parking permits for event attendees, please contact John Farrell at The passes are first come first serve and valid in specifically designated areas. DU will not reimburse parking tickets incurred by guests who park in the wrong location.
    • The Student Organization office is located in room 439. Contact Student Affairs for door code access.
    • Contact Student Affairs if your student organization needs office supplies.
    • To reserve free lockers for your student organization or to gain access to lockers already assigned to your organization, please contact Student Affairs.
    • All student organizations are required to hold elections or otherwise complete their leadership selection process in the spring semester. Current student leaders will receive information from Student Affairs on the deadline to report new leadership. Newly-selected leaders do not assume their roles until the end of the academic year or as decided by the student organization.
  • Logos & Promotional Items
    • A wide variety of merchandise and apparel is available at Discounted pricing (up to 40%) is available for student organizations. Contact Student Affairs to place a discounted order.
    • To order table covers like the example below, contact Chris Wangelin.
      Student organization table cover example
  • Student Organization Technology Resources
    • Microsoft Teams should be used as student organizations' online platform to store documents from year to year, manage membership, and send internal messaging.
    • To learn if your student organization has a Microsoft Teams channel, or to create a new one, please contact Tim Mitchell.
    • For assistance with student organization email accounts, please contact Tim Mitchell.