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Concentration in Advocacy. The Center for Advocacy (CFA) understands the immense benefit to students when seeking employment to be able to show prospective employers their focused course of experiential study (“ready to practice”) during law school. To that end, the CFA offers students the opportunity to have a concentration in Advocacy.

24 Credit Hours Needed. A concentration in Advocacy is achieved when a student successfully completes 24 credit hours of advocacy and advocacy-related courses over their law school career and maintains at least a 3.0 minimum GPA in those courses. The 24 credit hours can be earned from any of the courses appearing on the CFA’s Litigation Paths menu appearing on this website.

Add a Civil or Criminal Focus. Students may additionally elect to add a focus in either Civil Litigation or on Criminal Litigation by successfully completing 18 credit hours in the respective column appearing on the Litigation Paths menu, while maintaining at least a minimum GPA of 3.0 in those courses.

Receive a Confirmation Letter. Students do not need to declare their intent to pursue a concentration in Advocacy at the outset of their legal studies. Rather, upon successful completion of 24 credit hours on the Litigation Paths, students can provide their transcripts to, and request to receive a confirmation letter from, the Director for The Center for Advocacy reflecting their successful completion of a concentration in Advocacy. If students have also completed the 18 credit hours for a focus in either Civil or Criminal Litigation it is at that time that students can request the confirmation letter to indicate their focus as well.

Note: The concentration in Advocacy should not be confused with a Certificate. The Center for Advocacy does not offer Certificates at this time.

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