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What Can We Do For You?

Your job search doesn’t end after you land that first job. You know that there is always room for change, for expansion, and for finding that “better fit.” If you are in the process of rethinking your career, or even if you’re just wondering what your options are, take advantage of the career services the University of Denver College of Law offers its alumni:

  • Access to our Resource Library
    Our Resource Library houses a variety of materials relating to the traditional practice of the law, alternative careers for lawyers, public interest work and careers in the non-profit sector. In addition, we have a notebook that includes all of our current job postings that are also available on-line.
  • Attendance at Programs Sponsored by the Office of Career Development & Opportunities
    The Office of Career Development & Opportunities sponsors many informative programs throughout the school year, all of which may be attended by alumni. The Career Information Fair, which is held early in the second semester of the school year, is of particular interest to many alumni, as it gives them the opportunity to talk with lawyers doing work in tradition and non-traditional settings. Many of our programs are videotaped and available for online viewing. See Event Calendar »
  • Career Consulting
    The Office of Career Development & Opportunities reviews resumes and cover letters, gives advice on job search strategies, and assists alumni considering transition. We are happy to meet with our alumni at any point in their career, and the number of such counseling sessions are not limited.

What Can You Do For Us?

There are a number of opportunities for University of Denver College of Law alumni who are interested in remaining involved with and advancing the mission of the law school. At the Office of Career Development & Opportunities, alumni can help by:

  • Registering online to become a member of Pioneer Connect. Click here for more information »
  • Participating in the Partners at Law (PALs) luncheon hosted by the Office of Career Development & Opportunities to allow students to meet alumni in an informal setting, and/or other networking programs at the College of Law. See Events here »
  • Serving as a speaker or panel member in the Law Practice Specialty Series where attorneys practicing in various specialty areas speak to students about the substantive and practical realities of working in these specialties. See Events here »
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