Advancing Social Change Clinic

Fall 2024: Professor Lindsey Webb

Students in the Advancing Social Change Clinic partner with local and national organizations and/or policymakers who are seeking to advance racial justice. Students are exposed to the philosophy of movement lawyering, including principles of organizing, strategic communications, and policy analysis, as well as the work involved in the drafting and passing of legislation. This course benefits students interested in public policy, legislation, social justice, and community organizing.

Students in this class attend a seminar and engage in projects supporting the racial justice goals of the clinic’s community and/or legislative partners. Those projects are dictated by the needs and goals of those partners. Students should expect to spend approximately 15-20 hours a week on this fieldwork, in addition to preparing for and attending the clinic seminar. Students earn three in-class (seminar) credits and three out-of-class (fieldwork) credits.

This course will give first priority to qualified students in the part-time program at Denver Law, and all the seminar classes will meet on the weekends dedicated to part-time program classes. The fieldwork hours, while intensive, can be completed at flexible times, in consultation with the professor and relevant clinic partners.

Students must have completed their first full year in the part-time program to enroll in this clinic. (Full-time students may also apply and must also have completed their first year of law school.)

See the clinic flyer below for further information, including information on applying for the Advancing Social Change Clinic.

Advancing Social Change Clinic Informational Flyer

Advancing Social Change Clinic Faculty

Lindsey Webb

Lindsey Webb

Associate Professor

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