Resources for Students with Disabilities at the Sturm College of Law

The Office for Student Affairs seeks to remind all students — regardless of background, personal identity, or disability — you belong at Denver Law. This page, created in collaboration with the Sturm College of Law Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, provides a non-exhaustive list of resources, both internal and external to DU, that offer meaningful ways for students with disabilities to arrange accommodations, gain support, find community and obtain useful information.

Note: The inclusion of unaffiliated third-party resources on this page does not represent an endorsement by the University. DU is not responsible for any services or content provided by these resources.

About Disability Accommodations

The Sturm College of Law, along with AccessibleDU: Student Disability Services (SDS), is dedicated to providing students with disabilities an equal opportunity to participate in all of our courses, activities and programs. SDS provides accommodations at no cost to any student with a documented disability, as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

How Accommodations Work at Denver Law

All accommodation requests must be reviewed and approved by DU Student Disability Services. Following approval, SDS will notify the Sturm College of Law Student Affairs office, which is responsible for implementing accommodations at the law school and providing ongoing support to the law students who use them. Many accommodation procedures at Denver Law differ from those implemented elsewhere at DU. It is important to keep in contact with Student Affairs and understand how your accommodations apply in the law school setting.

How to Apply for Accommodations

  • First-Time Requests
    1. Complete and submit the Request for Accommodation form. Let SDS know about specific disabilities and how they could affect your participation in the Denver Law community. Specify which accommodations you are seeking now, as well as any you may have used in the past.
    2. Submit supporting documentation. All requests for accommodation require qualifying documentation to support your claim of disability. This includes requests to use assistance animals. Please see the Documentation Guidelines section for more information.
    3. Review the AccessibleDU: Student Disability Services website. It contains full details on Student Disability Services, information that is essential to understanding and effectively navigating the DU accommodations process.

    Following review, SDS will notify you of any accommodations for which you have been approved, and a Student Affairs team member will contact you with details on how your accommodations will be applied specifically within the law school.

    All accommodations at the law school are managed by the Office of Student Affairs. Students are not required to disclose disabilities or accommodations to their instructors, but are free to do so if they choose.

    Note: The review period can take up to six weeks, so be sure to apply well ahead of time for accommodations on tests and exams.

  • Requests for Additional Accommodations or Modifications

    Additional accommodations or modifications to existing accommodations can be requested by contacting the University of Denver Student Disability Services at 303-871-2278 or Requests can also be made in person at the SDS office on the fourth floor of Ruffatto Hall.

    Alternatively, requests can be made by contacting the Sturm College of Law Office for Student Affairs at 303-871-6108 or Requests can also be made in person at the Student Affairs office in suite 115 of the Ricketson Law Building.

    Note: Accommodations cannot be applied retroactively; they can only be used for current or future course work or University programming.

  • Receiving Additional Time on Exams (ADA and ESL Students)
    ADA Accommodations

    A student with documented disabilities must first request accommodations through University of Denver Student Disability Services (SDS). SDS reviews and approves all documentation and accommodations. Students can find SDS information and forms here.

    Students who receive accommodations should meet with a staff member in the Office of Student Affairs upon receiving accommodations from SDS to discuss how their accommodations are administered in the law school.

    Take-Home & Online Exams:

    For those approved for 50% additional time:

    • If the exam is 1-12 hours, the student will receive 50% more time (time and a half)
    • If the exam is 13-48 hours, the student will receive 25% more time (time and a quarter)
    • If the exam is 49+ hours, no extended time will be granted

    For those approved for 100% additional time:

    • If the exam is 1-12 hours, the student will receive 100% more time (double time)
    • If the exam is 13-48 hours, the student will receive 50% more time (time and a half)
    • If the exam is 49-72 hours, the student will receive 25% more time (time and a quarter).
    • If the exam is 73+ hours, no extended time will be granted

    For those with an approved “Stop the Clock” accommodation: 

    • If the exam is 1-12 hours, the student may use their “Stop the Clock” testing accommodation. 
    • Any exam that is over 12 hours, “Stop the Clock” testing accommodation does not apply. 


    Additional Time for ESL Students

    Juris Doctor (JD) Students
    No additional time is available for JD students.

    Non-JD Students
    Non-JD students for whom English is a second language may petition the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs for additional time and/or the use of a non-legal English translation dictionary for midterm and final exams. To complete the petition, please visit the Office of Student Affairs (Suite 115).

    1. Students must submit an ESL Student Registration form.

    2. You will receive a response from the Office of Student Affairs after completing the ESL Student Registration form.

    3. Students should download the Exam 4 software and take a practice exam prior to arriving for the actual exam.

    4. The Student Affairs office will be in touch with each student about the date, time and location of exams at least 72 hours in advance. Please note that ESL exams are always on the same date.

    5. If the professor changes any details about the exam, please alert the Registrar’s office.

    The Assistant Dean in his or her discretion may grant an additional twenty (20) minutes per hour on examinations and/or the use of a non-legal translation dictionary.

    No additional time is available for papers, oral presentations, or take-home examinations whose original length is greater than ten (10) hours.

    Students receiving additional time for ADA or ESL accommodations will be notified via DU Law email of the time, date, and location for each midterm or final examination. Unless students have specific ADA accommodations for a separate room, study rooms and designated classrooms are considered limited distraction environments. The Student Affairs Office may place more than one student in a suitably sized room.

Additional Resources for Students with Disabilities

  • Denver Law Students with Disabilities Organization

    The Denver Law Students with Disabilities Organization is a student-run affinity group focused on increasing accessibility and cultural competency regarding disabilities in the legal community. To be connected with the current student leadership, contact Student Affairs.

  • National Disabled Law Student Association

    The National Disabled Law Student Association is an affinity organization that advocates for disability diversity in legal education.

    Learn More

  • DU Health & Counseling Center

    The University of Denver Health & Counseling Center is your on-campus integrated health and counseling facility. The HCC offers individual counseling, both in person and by phone. A variety of group counseling options are also available, including groups for students with disabilities, students of color and other identities.

    Learn More

  • Counseling Center Referral Service

    The Counseling Center Referral Service is a comprehensive web-based referral platform managed by DU’s Counseling Center. DU community members including students, staff, and faculty can search for a provider based on the provider’s name, gender identity, language proficiencies, racial/ethnic identity, area of expertise, services offered, and insurances accepted.

    Access Referral Service