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Fall 2022 Law Orientation

ORIENTATION IS REQUIRED FOR ALL INCOMING STUDENTS! Fall 2022 Orientation will take place in-person. There is a required Pre-Orientation that will take place online (asynchronously). Orientation dates are listed below. Orientation schedules will be sent out via email from the Office of Student Affairs in mid-July. Schedules will also be available in the Pre-Orientation online course content. Check your Denver Law email account for more information.

Orientation Dates:

Part-Time JD, Master's, and GradTax Orientation: August 6-7

Full Time JD Orientation: August 8-11

Transfer and Visitor Student Orientation: August 12


1) Log into PioneerWeb

2) Select the “Student” tab at the top of the webpage

3) View your Fall 2022 class schedule

4) Under the “Details” section of your class schedule (to the right of “Course Title”) will include the course number, followed by a number (and letter to identify your subsection) at the very end. The last NUMBER is your section. The last LETTER identifies your subsection (either A,B,C, or D)

Example: LAWS 4385 2B means that you are in SECTION 2 (subsection B).

Orientation Leader Volunteer Description

Orientation Leaders (“OLs”) are law students who volunteer to receive training in, and in turn, provide mentoring, communication, academic coaching, facilitation, and logistical support for the annual new student orientation in August. They work with the Office of Student Affairs to execute the entire orientation program. This is not a “paid” position. Availability: Students interested in being an OL must be available the following times:

•Mandatory Training: Friday, August 5, 2022

Duties & Responsibilities- Assist in the implementation of all orientation activities, facilitate small group discussions, social activities, and academic exercises, serve as a mentor and role model for incoming students, attend all academic sessions assigned to your corresponding faculty members and provide support to faculty, communicate with faculty regarding academic sessions and expectations prior to orientation, attend all social and networking events to help connect new students to the Denver Law community, serve as a liaison for the "Day of Service" projects for your students, (communicate with students prior to arriving for orientation about the project, participate in the project and engage with the students to help them feel more welcome), attend all required training sessions.

Skills & Qualifications

Competent legal writing and law school study skills

Must not be on academic probation (Those between a 2.3-2.7 may be considered based on other circumstances and involvement).

Effective interpersonal skills

Effective and competent communication skills, including active listening

Ability to work in teams and resolve interpersonal conflicts

Willingness to engage with diverse populations

Available to participate fully in all of the orientation program, including training sessions

Ability to facilitate small group activities and exercises

Ability to maintain a positive, flexible, and adaptable working style

Ability to accept and respond to constructive feedback

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