Graduation & Bar Week

Graduation & Bar Week, held once during fall semester and once during spring semester each year, is a time for graduating law students to complete necessary tasks and learn about post-grad topics. Featuring a series of informative lunchtime presentations, the week is your opportunity to complete the Graduation Checklist, make arrangements with third-party vendors, and ensure you are ready to receive your degree, pass the bar, and become a licensed attorney.

Lunchtime Presentations

The following schedule is from our most recent Grad & Bar Week programming. Graduates who miss the live lunchtime presentations are encouraged to view the video recordings at the links included below.

Spring 2024

  • Monday, February 12, from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m.
    Succeeding in Your Grad Job Search
    Presented by the Career Development Office
    Contact for questions
    View Recording
  • Tuesday, February 13, from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m.
    Office of Attorney Regulation: Navigating the Colorado Bar Application!
    Presented by the Office of Attorney Admissions and COLAP
    View Recording
  • Wednesday, February 14, from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m.
    The Road to Repayment
    Presented by Roger Lane, Director of Student Financial Management
    View Recording

Note: All lunchtime presentations are recorded, with links provided on this webpage by the Friday concluding Graduation & Bar Week programming.

Vendor Tasks

Expand items in the list below for information about working with third-party vendors as you prepare for graduation.

  • Announcements, Thank-You Notes, Class Rings & Diploma Frames

    Josten's online ordering is recommended as your graduation one-stop shop. Visit their website to browse graduation announcements, thank-you cards, class rings and law school diploma frames.

    Note: Diploma frames can also be found at the DU Bookstore. You will need a frame that fits an 11" by 14" diploma.

    Visit Josten's

  • Fingerprinting for the Colorado Bar Exam

    Contact Colorado Fingerprinting or Identigo for off-campus fingerprinting services. These are the only two options accepted by the Office of Attorney Admissions. We invite a representative from Colorado Fingerprinting to be onsite at SCOL during Grad & Bar Week each semester. Graduates will receive an email from Amber Rux with booking and deadline information.

    Note: Fingerprinting offered at the Fall Semester Grad & Bar Week is for February bar takers only. May graduates (July bar takers) should not get fingerprinting done until the Spring Semester Grad & Bar Week.

  • Class Composite Photo

    All December 2023, May 2024 and August 2024 graduates must have their photos taken by Bettinger Photography during Graduation & Bar Week to be included in the class composite, which will be framed and hung within the law school. Getting headshots taken for the composite is free of charge for our graduating students (but does not include students receiving their images). Graduates will receive an email from Amber Rux with booking and deadline information.

    Note: Failure to have your photo taken by Bettinger Photography during the fall or spring semester Graduation & Bar Week will result in exclusion from the class composite photo.
    DU Law Class Composite

    Photography Rules & Guidelines

    To help ensure you get the best headshot possible, please adhere to the following rules and guidelines.

    • Wear your hair and makeup as you normally would.
    • Dress professionally — no hats or casual attire.
    • Wear solid colors in medium or dark tones — avoid white unless it is under a coat or jacket.
    • We strongly advise against wearing light blue pinstriped shirts or ties, as they do not photograph well in many digital formats.
    • Photos will be retouched to remove blemishes and fly-away hair, soften lines, and reduce shine for your most professional look.
    • All images on the final composite board must be of individual graduates — pictures with friends, family, pets, etc. will not be included.
    • The Office for Student Affairs may elect to remove any image from the final composite board that is unprofessional, inappropriate or deemed to reflect poorly on the University. Student Affairs will make all final determinations regarding composition of the board.