International Academic Opportunities


As part of the Italy summer program, students spend four weeks in Sorrento, Italy earning up to six course credits from the following courses:

Comparative Corporate Governance (Professor Celia Taylor, 2 credits)
This course will explore corporate governance regimes in the United States and other countries. The focus will be on the respective allocations of power and authority in the various corporate regimes. It will consider issues of corporate structure and regulation under the respective legal frameworks.

Introduction to Italian Law (Professor Amedeo Arena, 1 credit)
This course will cover the basics of the Italian legal system and court structure. The course will be taught in advance of the several court visits to enhance student appreciation of those experiences.

Comparative Competition Law (Professors Roberto Mastroianni and Amedeo Arena, 1 credit)
This course will explore, analyze and compare competition (antitrust) law in the European Union and the United States. The focus will be on the different ways the two legal systems regulate economic power in the marketplace. The course includes a visit to the Italian Competition Authority in Rome.

Comparative Drug Policy (Professor Sam Kamin, 2 credits)
This course will be an investigation of international drug prohibition and the emerging alternatives to it. We will discuss the international agreements that govern the production and distribution of illicit drugs and the role the US played in creating these agreements. We will then examine the growing international consensus that prohibition has not worked and look comparatively at the various alternatives to prohibition being adopted around the world. We will also discuss various metrics for evaluating and assessing the growing number of alternatives to the status quo currently being developed.

Possible Field Trips (subject to change):
o Various courts in Rome (details to follow)
o University of Naples and juvenile detention center in Naples



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