International Academic Opportunities

Italy Summer Program

As part of the Italy summer program, students spend four weeks in Sorrento, Italy earning up to six course credits in international and comparative law courses. They will also go on tours and receive an introduction to Italian and European culture.

Host Institution: Sant’Anna Institute, Sorrento, Italy 

How do I get started: If you are interested in the Sorrento program, contact Professor Celia Taylor at

Dates: May 20 - June 13, 2019

Study abroad in Sorrento provides an incomparable international experience. Students get to live in a foreign country while improving their linguistic and cross-cultural communication skills, providing a perspective that encourages greater opportunities in the world community and enhances the student’s outlook in multiple ways. Students can gain a better understanding of the international climate, gain experience and make a positive impact.

Externship Program:
If you intend to do a Denver Law externship for credit after this program, you are limited to 2 field credits. Please note,  students who have not done an externship before with Denver Law have to attend a mandatory morning orientation and sometimes a front-loaded seminar that afternoon, which typically occurs the Thursday before classes in Italy begin. If you intend to work for credit, attendance is required. The Externship Program and Study Abroad program have worked closely together to organize this timing so students can both make it to Italy on time for this unique experience and participate in our nationally recognized externship program. Please contact before making flight reservations if you intend to work for credit. Generally, please be in touch with the externship program about your interests and timing, and to ensure you are aware of requirements. Contact or Faculty Director Prof. Alexi Freeman at

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