American Law Practice LLM

The Master of Laws in American Law Practice (LLM) is available to foreign-trained attorneys to supplement, update, or focus their legal training.

Our American Law Practice program produces practice-ready graduates with a strong grasp of the practical skills necessary to practice law in the United States and to engage in transactions with US-trained lawyers in as little as one year. The program builds upon Denver Law’s reputation and commitment to practice-based learning.

American Law Practice students are fully integrated into Denver Law’s JD classes in order to receive the benefit from a complete immersion into a US law school environment. The program emphasizes small class sizes to maximize individualized attention and enhance each student's academic success and professional development.

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American Law Practice LLM Requirements

Students are required to complete at least 24 semester credit hours. Full-time students may earn the degree in one academic year (over two consecutive semesters).  Part-time students (below 12 semester credit hours a semester) may earn the degree within 24 months of matriculation. Please refer to specific F-1/J-1 status requirements. Students must maintain an overall GPA of 2.7 to remain in good standing.

Students may pursue a general program of study or they may choose from a list of concentrations, which include: Corporate and Commercial Law, Environmental and Natural Resources Law, Litigation, Intellectual Property Law, or International Law. Required courses for each concentration vary, as noted below.

All American Law Practice students must successfully complete the following 10 credits:

  • Introduction to the American Legal System (L4064) (2 credits)
  • Legal Research and Writing for Graduate Students (L4034) (2 credits)
  • Legal Profession (L4425) (3 credits)
  • Legal Analysis Strategies (L4032) (3 credits)

All American Law Practice students must successfully complete 8 elective credits (2 courses) from the following list of courses:

  • Contracts (L4175) (4 credits)
  • Criminal Law (L4195) (4 credits)
  • Civil Procedure (L4120) (4 credits)
  • Evidence (L4235) (4 credits)
  • Torts (L4610) (4 credits)
  • Constitutional Law (L4164) (4 credits)
  • Property (L4490) (4 credits)
  • Corporations (L4190) (4 credits)

The remaining required 6 credits may be earned by completing any courses offered in the JD curriculum that are offered and completed in an in-person modality.

A full list of course descriptions and courses offered in the JD curriculum may be found in the DU Bulletin, here.

American Law Practice students may also pursue a directed research project if they find a suitable faculty advisor.

When considering elective credit hours, American Law Practice students may consider focusing on specific informal concentrations and course options. Examples of these informal concentrations include: Corporate and Commercial Law; Litigation; and Global Natural Resources, Energy, and Environmental Law.

Additional Requirements and Considerations for students seeking Admission to the Practice of Law in Colorado

American Law Practice students may not complete more than 4 semester credits in any summer term while in the program.

Per the Colorado Supreme Court, students seeking Admission to the Practice of Law in Colorado with a law degree from a civil law jurisdiction have different requirements from students with a law degree from a common law jurisdiction. Students are asked to review the relevant paragraphs of the Rules Governing Admission to the Practice of Law in Colorado found on the Colorado Supreme Court website, here.