Postgraduate DU Bar Success Program (DUBS)

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DUBS is a free program for graduates of Denver Law to aid in bar preparation studies with numerous practice problemsutilizing materials licensed directly from the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE). We provide a team of writing advisers to provide comments for improvement (instead of feedback, we call it feedforward) on every bar essay and performance test submitted from our program. We also provide one-on-one coaching to help keep you on track and make the most of your study experience.

It's a complementary program to your commercial study course (e.g., Barbri, Kaplan, or Themis) and we work with you to make sure you are not overloading yourself either. 

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The DUBS Team is looking forward to working with you!

Postgraduate DU Bar Success Program Overview

The free Postgraduate DU Bar Success Program is available to all graduating students and alumni, providing instruction, coaching, and feedback throughout the two-month study period immediately prior to the bar exam. The series includes a variety of strategic workshops, practice mock bar exams, individual consultations, and timely feedback on writing assignments. However, the series is not a replacement for a commercial bar review course. Rather, the series provides opportunities to refine the learning process under expert guidance to achieve success on the bar exam.

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Why should I sign-up?

We help you pass the bar!

  1. It's FREE! DUBS is free for all graduates of the Sturm College of Law!
  2. Those that successfully participate in the program (measured by submitting 10+ writing assignments for feedforward) see their likelihood of passing the bar increase.
  3. That’s because we use actual bar exam materials with “feedforward” tips personally-tailored to boost your skills and learning.

Study Smarter, Not Harder

Learn the science behind optimal study techniques

The Postgraduate DU Bar Success program is unmatched because it establishes a foundation for good study techniques by exploring the learning science behind those techniques. At the beginning of the course, you learn different study techniques (i.e. talking to oneself, explaining concepts to others, memory recall, etc.) and why some techniques are more effective than others. This sets the stage for your entire bar prep period, so that you study smarter, not harder. Most importantly it provides buy-in—you gain the confidence in yourself and in the process because you know why learning is approached in a certain way. 

“I cannot emphasize enough the significance of DU Bar Success on my bar preparation—I genuinely believe it was the single most important thing that I did to prepare for, and pass, the Colorado Bar Exam.”

Kimberly Langona, JD‘20
Kimberly Langona
1-on-1 coaching

One-on-One Coaching

Coaches provide keys to success

The Postgraduate DU Bar Success program provides you with one-of-a-kind individual coaching to guide you through the logistics of bar studying and help you strengthen your substantive skills. Individual and small-group sessions are paramount to your learning. First, these sessions reduce anxiety and stress by helping you successfully navigate through the difficult moments of bar prep. Second, these sessions provide confidential space for you to discuss and overcome weaknesses. Third, especially in these times, these sessions serve as an integral social connection to strengthen your sense of community and personally improve your learning


Individualized Feedback

One-of-a-kind advising to guide your bar preparation

DUBS brings in numerous coaches to provide individual feedback, as we call it "feedforward," to each participant. Because you get input from a variety of graders, you see different perspective to help you gain the self-confidence necessary to tackle the bar exam. While commercial bar exams provide some feedback, it is nowhere near the quantity or quality of our coaches and graders. This individualized feedforward helps you with performance test/essay construction and substantive content. Receiving input from so many different graders, with a variety of backgrounds and perspectives, will help instill the self-confidence you need to feel capable of earning a high mark and passing the bar.

“The DU Bar Success Program was invaluable in my passing the Washington State Bar Exam (UBE) in my first try. The coaching and practice prepared me so well, the exam felt remarkably doable. DU Bar Success Program, coupled with a professional study tool, prepared me to walk away each day of the exam confident I had done well enough to pass. There were no surprises.”

Christine Kuglin, JD‘19 & LLM’20
Christine Kuglin

"My decision to participate in the DU Bar Success Program was 100% one of the best decisions I made during bar prep. Navigating the bar prep process can be overwhelming and isolating, however the DU Bar Success Program provided the structure and tools to organize your strategy in a manner that is effective and manageable." 

Olivia Mendoza, JD'19
Olivia Mendoza


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