Judicial Clerkship Recommendation Letter Request Process


Process for Requesting Judicial Clerkship Recommendation Letters

Student Responsibilities:

  1. Contact a professor to request a recommendation letter, including the latest date that it must be received by the judge. The professor will then send their letter directly to us.
  2. Please use this spreadsheet template when submitting requests (please reach out to facultysupportstaff@law.du.edu if you are unable to access the spreadsheet):

    Download Template
  3. Note: Please ensure all your information is accurate and free from grammatical and spelling errors. We conduct the mail merge for your letters and envelopes directly from your data, and we will not make any changes to the information you provide us.
  4. Attach your completed spreadsheet to an email to facultysupportstaff@law.du.edu with the names of the professors who will be writing your recommendations and the deadline for your submission in the body of the email.
  5. Hard copy letters: In your email to facultysupportstaff@law.du.edu, please indicate whether you will be picking up the sealed letters from the Faculty Support Suite 444 or if you would like the letters to be sent directly to the judges. If you would like the letters to be sent directly to the judges, you will need to provide the stamps for those envelopes.

    Digital letters: If an opportunity requires you letters to be emailed, please include a submission email address in Column M of your spreadsheet.

  6. We ask for five business days to complete each request, so please allow us enough time to meet the date your letters need to be picked up or sent.
  7. Please email facultysupportstaff@law.du.edu with any questions.