Bar Study Loan Information

There are two types of expenses incurred by seeking admission to the Bar. Bar Exam fees vary by state and represent the fee for taking the actual exam. An allowance for the cost of Colorado’s Bar exam is included as an indirect expense in your Cost of Attendance. The amount of your Grad PLUS loan eligibility therefore reflects the cost of the Bar Exam fee.

Living expenses, Bar study courses, and Bar study materials are not eligible to be funded in your Cost of Attendance. If you require funding for these expenses, several lenders offer loans specifically for this purpose.

  • Before You Apply
    • Review your credit report at Bar Study loans are effectively personal loans with a requirement you are sitting for the Bar. Your credit profile will be the largest factor in determining the total cost of this credit.
    • Determine a budget. You should borrow as little as possible.
    • Understand the timeframe. While your lender will usually provide an approval decision within seconds, Denver Law must certify your enrollment, which usually takes 48 hours. Contact the Financial Management Office at if you have not received confirmation that your loan has been certified with 48 hours of approval.
    • Know the difference between a “law school loan” and a “Bar study loan”. As a graduating student seeking Bar preparation expenses, you’ll be seeking the latter.
  • Eligibility and Application Information
    • Credit: each lender sets their own criteria, and if you cannot qualify on your own, the lender may permit a co-signer to be added to your application.
    • Some lenders may require an existing relationship like a credit card or checking account. Lenders may also require your aggregate student debt remain below a pre-determined amount.
    • Read your disclosures carefully, which are provided upon approval. Loans may be fixed or variable rate interest.
    • Because these are private loans, none of the Federal Student Aid repayment or forgiveness provisions apply.
    • Students generally must be within a year of graduating to apply, and policies vary for how long after graduation a student remains eligible to apply.
    • The general amount lenders will approve ranges from $1,000-$16,000. Contact your lender for additional information.