Rashmi Goel

Associate Professor


Comparative Law, Criminal Law

Professional Biography

Born and raised in Canada, Rashmi Goel brings to bear her experience on both sides of the border in her Criminal Law class and in her upper-level seminars, Multiculturalism, Race and the Law and Comparative Law. These courses reflect her interest in culturally specific adjudication – the use of a litigant’s cultural background to formulate a particular adjudicative process or outcome. In conjunction with her ongoing research and scholarship in this area, she has also developed expertise in international criminal law and restorative justice. Outside the law school, Goel puts her knowledge in these areas to work in Colorado and California, helping to establish dispute-resolution mechanisms for high school students.

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  • JSD, Present, Stanford University
  • JSM, Criminal Law, Stanford University School of Law, 1996
  • BA, English Literature, University of Saskatchewan, 1992
  • LLB, University of Saskatchewan, 1992

Licensure / Accreditations

  • Admitted to the Bar of the Province of Saskatchewan

Featured Publications

  • Comparative Perspectives on Gender Violence: Lessons from Efforts Worldwide, co-authored with Leigh Goodmark, Oxford University Press (2015).
  • Women Who Kill Women, William & Mary Journal of Women and the Law, Forthcoming.
  • Delinquent or Distracted? Attention Deficit Disorder and The Construction of the Juvenile Offender, 27 Law and Inequality: A Journal of Theory and Practice 1 (2009).
  • At Crossroads or Cross purposes?: Aboriginal Women and Political Pursuit in Canadian Sentencing Circles, in Domestic Violence and Restorative Justice, Oxford University Press (James Ptacek, ed.) 2009.
  • From Tainted to Sainted: the Interracial Marriage as Cultural Evangelism, 2 Wisconsin L. Rev. 489, (2007).

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