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Kris McDaniel-Miccio



Constitutional Law, Criminal Law and Procedure, Holocaust Studies, Jurisprudence

Professional Biography

Professor McDaniel-Miccio is a nationally recognized expert on the law as it affects survivors of male intimate violence. She has written, lectured, litigated and testified, at Congressional and State Legislative hearings, on the issue of male intimate violence, women survivors and conceptions of state accountability. McDaniel-Miccio was the author of the NYS law that opened up the family and criminal courts to survivors of male intimate violence and one of the authors of the state's mandatory arrest law in domestic violence cases. She has won numerous awards for her work on behalf of battered women-and for her teaching. And she has been interviewed by the print and electronic media on such matters as hate crimes, violence against women, Miranda, the OJ Simpson, Kobe Bryant and Laci Peterson cases, to name a few. At the College of Law, Prof. McDaniel-Miccio teaches criminal law and procedure, family law, jurisprudence, and seminars on the Holocaust, the Law and Domestic Violence. In 2007, McDaniel-Miccio was awarded a Fulbright and taught at University College of Dublin School of Law and lectured throughout Ireland on the issue of male intimate violence, the state and conceptions of state accountability.

Professor McDaniel-Miccio is the recipient of numerous scholarly awards. She is a Fulbright Scholar, Marie Curie Transfer of Knowledge Scholar, Erasmus Mundus Scholar and a Fulbright Senior Specialist. The Marie Curie and Erasmus Mundas fellowships were awarded by the European Commission and all of the awards were conferred because of Professor McDaniel-Miccio's research and scholarship on the issue of male intimate violence, state accountability and conceptions of justice. McDaniel-Miccio has been on faculty at the University of Dublin School of Law and it's School of Social Justice as part of her Fulbright award and currently maintains a professional relationship with both departments as a visiting professor and consultant on experiential and interdisciplinary (cross-discipline) learning.

During 2014-15, Professor McDaniel-Miccio is a Visiting Professor at Trinity College School of Law in Dublin Ireland as well as Trinity Long Room Scholar & Fellow conducting interdisciplinary research on law and identity in relation to the LGBT community in the States and Republic of Ireland. She will also receive the Law Society,Lifetime Achievement Award, in November 2014, in Dublin, Ireland for her work on human rights and gender equality. Past recipients include Presidents Clinton (USA), Robinson and Higgins from Ireland, Justice Antonin Scalia, philosopher Noam Chomsky, Poet Laureate Seamus Heaney and American actor Martin Sheen.

Professor McDaniel-Miccio has been awarded dual research appointments to the Equality Institute, Equality Studies, University College Dublin and the Gender & Women Studies Department, Trinity College Dublin. Both appointments were made as a result of her scholarship on re-thinking equality and the effect of religious heteronormativity on the marriage equality movements in the States, Ireland and Northern Ireland. In 2014-2015, McDaniel-Miccio lectured on this issue and debated spokespersons for the Catholic Church and the NO Campaign, and was interviewed by, inter alia, the Irish Times, University Press (Ireland), 301.9 FM (Ireland), NPR/ Law Show, CPR/Colorado Matters, KCRW, Local and National News Outlets in the U.S., by print media WestWord and the GayNews, International . She is continuing to conduct research, write, lecture and provide commentary for international and domestic news outlets (print and electronic) in the U.S. and Ireland.

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  • BA, Political Philosophy, Marymount College Fordham University
  • MA, Policy, Rockefeller College, University of New York 
  • JD, Antioch University School of Law
  • LLM, Columbia University, NYC School of Law
  • JSD, Columbia University, NYC

Licensure / Accreditations

  • Admitted to New York State Bar
  • Admitted to the United States Supreme Court Bar
  • Admitted to the United States Circuit Court for the Second Circuit
  • Admitted to the United States District Court, Southern District
  • Admitted to United States District Court, Eastern District 
  • Certified, New York State Department of Education, Grades 9-12 Social Studies.


Featured Publications

  • More Than Cake: When the "Right to Public Invocation of Religious Expression Tramples Human and Equality Rights of the LGBTQI Community ( Forthcoming 2018).
  • The New Axis of Evil: Religious Extremism & Fascism in 21st Century America ( Forthcoming 2018).
  • Pathologising Women, Excusing Men: The Use of Junk Science in Criminal and Family Law Cases, ____Alb. L.Rev_____ ( Forthcoming 2017).
  • Confronting the Gendered State: A Feminist Response to Gender Inequality and Gender Violence In the United States and the Irish Republic, 30 Wisc. J. Law, Gender & Society 23 (2015).