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Arthur Best



Evidence, Torts

Professional Biography

Before entering law teaching, Arthur Best worked in the general counsel’s office of the Federal Communications Commission, as a trial attorney for the Federal Trade Commission, as a project director for Ralph Nader’s Center for Study of Responsive Law, and as a deputy commissioner in the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs.

He has published broadly in fields including evidence, torts, advertising regulation, dispute resolution, and lawyers’ ethics. Among his books are When Consumers Complain (Columbia University Press: 1981), Evidence: Examples and Explanations (10th edition, Wolters Kluwer: 2017), Basic Tort Law (4th edition, Wolters Kluwer: 2014) (co-author), Evidence Law: Practice, Problems and Rules (2d edition, Wolters Kluwer: 2017) and Wigmore on Evidence Supplement volumes (Wolters Kluwer: since 1995, currently three volumes each year). Recent articles are “Lying Lawyers and Recumbent Regulators,” 49 Ind. L. Rev. 1 (2015) and “Winking at the Jury: ‘Implicit Vouching’ Versus the Limits on Opinions about Credibility,” 55 Ariz. L. Rev. 265 (2013) (co-author).

Best has served as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the law school and as president of the University’s Faculty Senate. He has represented the Association of American Law Schools and the American Bar Association as a member and chair of law school accreditation inspection teams. He has also served on the board of directors of Colorado Lawyers for the Arts and of the Denver-based Hannah Kahn Dance Company.


  • JD, 1969, University of Pennsylvania
  • AB, 1966, Columbia College

Featured Publications

  • Winking at the Jury: 'Implicit Vouching' versus the Limits on Opinions About Credibility, co-authored with Jennifer Middleton, Arizona Law Review, forthcoming 2013.
  • The New Wigmore: Evidence of Other Misconduct and Similar Events, Supplement, Aspen Publishers (published annually, September 2012).
  • The New Wigmore: Selected Rules of Limited Admissibility, Supplement, Aspen Publishers (published annually, November 2012).
  • Strategies and Techniques for Teaching Torts, Wolters Kluwer (2011).
  • Colorado Evidence 2009-2010 Courtroom Manual, co-authored with Robert Hardaway, Frank Jamison and Glen Weissenberger, LexisNexis (2009).

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