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“Bioethics, Health Law and COVID-19”

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Sturm College of Law

Assistant Professor Govind Persad Presents Health Law webinar

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Assistant Professor Govind Persad

Assistant Professor Govind Persad Presents “Bioethics, Health Law and COVID-19”

On Friday, April 3, 2020, Assistant Professor Govind Persad and Denver Law's health law expert, hosted a webinar entitled “Bioethics, Health Law and COVID-19.” The event was moderated by Dean Bruce Smith and engaged more than 120 people.

In a discussion about the impact of COVID-19 on bioethics and health law, the webinar presented Professor Persad’s recent scholarship, published in The New York Times and The New England Journal of Medicine. In these articles, Professor Persad and his colleagues underscored urgent intersections among unprecedented ethical challenges that the medical world faces with the global pandemic.

During the DU webinar, Professor Persad highlighted details covered in the articles, stressing recommendations for health care officials, including procedural guidelines that would reduce liability and ultimately maximize healthcare benefits.

Persad joined the Sturm College of Law in 2018 and his expertise as a scholar in health law has served as an essential contribution during these uncertain times.

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