Sturm Scholarship Challenge

For more information or to participate in the Sturm Scholarship challenge, please contact Patti Marks at or 303-871-2263.

Sturm Scholarship Challenge

Why Scholarship?

Recruit quality students Scholarship funds have helped us recruit increasingly higher quality students. Law school applications have decreased almost 50 percent in the last five years, which makes it harder to compete for these quality students and makes scholarship funding more important than ever.

Drive student bar exam success As scholarship dollars increase and the law school is able to leverage those dollars to attract the highest caliber student, bar pass rates rise. Our first-time bar exam takers routinely outperform the state average.

Improve national rankings Rankings are a major factor for prospective students when choosing where they want to attend law school.

With your help, this upward trajectory continues

How does it work?

Quick Facts

  • Minimum gift of $50,000 (can be pledged over five years).
  • The current law school scholarship endowment is $37.5 million (generates approximately $1.6 million per year).
  • When the Sturm Scholarship Challenge is fully realized, $10.5 million in new endowments will release nearly $500,000 annually.
  • Scholarship dollars are allocated for second or third year law students who received scholarships upon entering law school and who do not pose a risk of failing the Colorado Bar Exam.
  • The Sturm Scholarship Challenge is designed to ensure this scholarship support adds to the baseline amount of scholarship funding currently offered by the law school. In the unlikely event this baseline is reduced, the scholarships will reinvest rather than award for that year.