George Allison III
Ron Andersen and Laura Allton
Victor Boog
George and Connie Boyle
Sid Brooks
George Carlson
Henry “Buzz” Cleveland
Jim Colvin
Paul and Sue Ellen Goss
Bob Heiserman
Ira Karet
Bill and Mary Keating
Robert and Roxanne Koehler
Mike and Kathlien Massey
Greg Palcanis
Victor Perry and Patty King
Jay Schmelter
Jan Susee
Lois Tabberson-Gray
Larry Tannenbaum and Patricia Jean Clisham
Chuck and Debbie Turner

Faculty Attending Brunch:

Bill and Minnie Diss
Howard and Sandy Gelt
Frank and Joyce Jamison
John Reese
Tanya Reese
Howard Rosenberg and Kristen Dutton, JD’77
Arnold Wegher