Cairn Insurance

At Cairn Insurance, we truly care about our clients. Our contact with you continues throughout the year—we don’t forget about you once we have your business. DU Alumni will always receive prompt attention and free, no obligation quotes! Whether you choose to email us directly or submit information on our website, please mention that you are a student or graduate of DU.

Here are a few reasons why DU Alumni choose Cairn Insurance:

  1. Jaimee Reed is a former litigator and has years of experience practicing law in Colorado, Arizona, and Pennsylvania. Her experience as a litigator is a valuable asset in this industry.
  2. If an attorney is sued or receives a Bar complaint, we will counsel you through the steps. We will not leave you stranded to fend for yourself. You will have our support and guidance throughout the process.
  3. We work for our clients. We are not employed by an insurance company.
  4. We help clients with the completion of applications and are always available for questions.
  5. We will shop your policy every single year.
  6. We specialize in E&O insurance for professionals, but we can also help with all other insurance needs, providing DU Alumni with a one-stop shop option.
  7. We strive to make the process as easy as we can for you!

Jaimee Reed, Esq.
Cairn Insurance Services, Inc.
Phone: 855-65 CAIRN (855-652-2476)
Fax: 866-478-4550