Please note that you must be registered for those courses you wish to attend. For this reason, wait listed students are not allowed to attend classes. Due to space limitations and equity in the management of our wait-listed students, the College of Law does not accept retroactive registrations (aka “forced registrations”).

If a class is closed and has a wait list, you will have the opportunity to put yourself on the wait list. To place yourself on the wait list, you must select this option from the drop-down box before you submit your changes. If you do not place yourself on a wait-list for the class, you will not be considered for class registration.

Students are manually registered for wait-listed classes by the Registrar’s staff based on the number of completed credit hours. Any student who has been added to a class will be notified of this change in registration via his/her law school e-mail. Students who have not received such an e-mail notification should select an alternate OPEN class, but may remain wait-listed as they might be placed in the class at a later date. Prior to the end of the first week of classes, wait lists are carefully examined on a weekly basis. After the close of open registration, the Registrar’s Office will purge all wait-lists. No other students will be considered for enrollment in wait-listed classes after the end of the add/drop period.

How to add to a wait list:

Graphical Guide (PDF) »

1) Enter the CRN directly on the “Add Classes Worksheet.”

Add Classes Worksheet
CRN [ ] CRN [ ] CRN [ ]

2) Enter a CRN and “Submit Changes”.

3) The system will indicate there are “registration add errors”. An “action” box will appear next to the CRN. Select “Wait Listed” from that drop-down box and submit changes one more time.

Unless indicated otherwise students are added to classes from wait lists based on completed credit hours. Registrar’s Office staff generally cannot answer questions regarding position on wait lists as this literally changes by the minute based on other students’ registrations. Additionally, the Registrar’s Office cannot provide a definitive answer as to when or if students will be added to a class because that also depends on other students’ registration. Students are notified via DU Law e-mail if they are added to a class from a wait list. Registrar’s Office staff may temporarily increase a student’s registration credits to add him/her to a class. The student will be required to drop another class to remain in compliance with his/her credit cap before the start of the next semester. If there is a time conflict between two classes, students may email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to be manually added to a wait list for one of the two classes. Students may not be registered for classes that overlap.