Follow the instructions below to obtain your academic progress report through WebCentral.

For further information, use the contact links.

  1. Enter the registration website at: DU webCentral
  2. Enter your BANNER ID.
  3. First-time WebCentral users should follow these instructions:
    a. Enter PIN (your birth date expressed as mm/dd/yy)
    b. RE-ENTER your birth date PIN, and then create a NEW 6-DIGIT PIN (this cannot be the same as your birth date).
    c. Click LOGIN
    d. The next screen will ask you to type in a question and then type in the answer. This information is used in the event you forget your PIN. Click SUBMIT.
    e. Students having already created a new PIN, should enter their Banner number and PIN, then click LOGIN.
  4. Click on the “myWeb” tab
  5. Select “Student and Financial Aid” at the top of the website.
  6. Select “Student Records”
  7. Select “Academic Progress Report (APR)”
  8. Click “Generate New Evaluation.”
  9. Select the program by clicking on the radio button next to your available programs.
  10. Select the current semester (Remember to select SEMESTER and not quarter).
  11. Click “generate request.” Your report will appear within a few seconds.

For more information, please see the APR information on the University Registrar’s website at: Understanding Your Academic Progress Report