Registration Updates:

What is a time ticket?

By now, you should have received an email with your summer semester registration day and time. This is your time ticket and it represents the first day and time you may register for classes in your division. For example, on April 1, the first group of upper level part-time students will register for evening classes only. You can register for classes after your time ticket “opens” until it closes that day, but you lose your priority for classes if you don’t register as close to that time as possible.

Registration begins on April 1 for summer semester 2014, and registration begins April 7 for fall semester 2014.

• All students in the JD program will receive a time-ticket email. Students in the IBT LL.M., Environmental Law LL.M. and the MRLS program will receive a group email regarding registration day and time.

• My office will register all first year evening students for Constitutional Law and Property for Fall semester 2014. We’ll notify anyone if you have a hold so be on the look-out for those emails.

MSLA students will not receive time tickets. They will receive information from Hope Kentnor regarding their registration timeframe.

Which classes are day classes and which classes are evening classes?

*Day classes are classes that start before 5:00 PM, regardless of their end time.

*Evening classes start at 5:00 PM or later.

Please note: “short” classes taught over a single week, multiple weekends or alternating days are open during both day and evening registration periods.

How do I register?

Follow the instructions below to register through WebCentral:

  1. Enter the registration website at:
  2. Enter your STUDENT ID in the User ID field.
  3. First-time WebCentral users should follow these instructions:
    a). Enter Passcode (your birth date expressed as mm/dd/yy)
    b). RE-ENTER your birth date Passcode, and then create a NEW 6-DIGIT Passcode
    (Your Passcode cannot be the same as your birth date).
    c). Click LOGIN
    d). The next screen will ask you to type in a question and then type in the answer. This information is used in the event you forget your Passcode. Click SUBMIT.
  4. Students having already created a new Passcode, should enter their Banner number and Passcode, then click LOGIN.
  5. Select the “MyWeb” tab and then “Student Services and Financial Aid” at the top of the website.


Click on the myWeb tab in webCentral. Go to Student & Financial Aid. Click on the link for Registration. Go to Student Schedule by Day and Time for your class schedule. FIRST YEAR STUDENTS WILL NOT HAVE A TIME TICKET.


  1. Click on “Registration”.
  2. Select “Term”.
  3. Select “Add/Drop Classes”.
  4. If a class is closed and has a wait list, you will be asked if you want to be put on the wait list. If you wish to be placed on a wait list, you must select this option from the drop-down box before you submit your changes. If you do not place yourself on a wait-list for the class, you will not be considered for class registration.

    Students are manually registered for wait-listed classes by the Registrar’s staff based on the number of completed credit hours. Any student who has been added to a class will be notified of this change in registration via e-mail. Students who have not received such an e-mail notification should select an alternate OPEN class, but remain wait-listed as they may be placed in the class at a later date. Prior to the end of the first week of classes, wait lists are carefully examined on a weekly basis. After the close of open registration, the Registrar’s Office will purge all wait-lists. No other students will be considered for enrollment in wait-listed classes at that time.

  5. Once you add or drop a class, finalize your transactions by clicking “submit changes”. Your classes will be listed, and you are now registered!
  6. You may exit the registration area, and you may print your schedule here from the web.

For further information, use the contact links below:

  • Course Registration
  • Current Class Schedules
  • Course Descriptions
  • Course Schedule Archive
  • Wait List Procedure and Policies
  • Academic Progress Report
  • Faculty Evaluations (please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for the password)

Registration FAQ

How does the schedule get created? The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and his assistant carefully plot rooms and times for the class schedules for each semester. Upon receipt of the schedules by the Registrar’s Office, we match course numbers with the data, enter information for each course into Banner and assign CRNs for registration and post all the information online. Each step of the process involves confirming and updating information online and in the registration database.

When will I register? Student registration time tickets are generated and checked manually for accuracy with regard to students’ status (full-time or part-time) and total credit hours (in-progress + completed + transfer/non-JD hours). Emails are then sent to the students to notify them of their registration windows, to detail any pertinent information regarding courses and to provide helpful hints and information regarding the completion of required courses and the selection of non-required courses. Registration generally occurs for Spring in the first two weeks of November, for summer in the two weeks of April and for Fall in the third and fourth weeks of April. For more information, registration periods are scheduled on the Academic Calendar:

How are time tickets determined? Time tickets are based on completed (graded) credit hours and current registration. Please note that credit hours from previous semesters that are not yet graded are NOT automatically added to your total credit hours. Students must notify the registrar’s office if they have any outstanding credits from previous semesters. Additionally, transfer credits from elsewhere on campus or other law schools are not automatically included in the total credits unless the Registrar’s Office has received an approved petition to take any transfer courses and an official transcript showing the grades received for any courses taken. Registration groups are based on the number of hours students need to complete to graduate. Registration groups are created and those students with the same number of credit hours are randomized within their group.

For Spring, the following groups are created: Group 1 = full- and part-time students with 78 or more hours; Group 2 = full-time students with more than 50 hours and part-time students with more than 45 hours; Group 3 = full-time students with less than 50 hours and part-time students with less than 45 hours.

For Summer and Fall, the following groups are created: Group 1 = full- and part-time students with 70 or more hours; Group 2 = full-time students with more than 60 to 69 hours; Group 3 = full- and part-time students with 31 to 59 hours; Group 4 = full- and part-time students with 30 hours or less.

What time do evening classes start? Evening classes are those with a start time of 5:00 PM or later. All classes that start before 5:00 PM are considered day classes. Weekend classes and online classes are open to both day and evening students as they are considered neither day nor evening.

The 2L group has already registered. Why is my time ticket later? Students aren’t grouped by 3L, 2L and 1L but are grouped by credit hours. See above. If you feel your credit hours have not been correctly calculated, contact the Registrar’s Office at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

What if my registration time has passed? Once your ticket time has passed, you will still be able to register for classes per the schedule above. Just remember, if you are trying to register for an evening class during day registration, you will not be able to access those classes

I tried to register but the class is listed as closed. Some classes are listed by Professor Permission Only. Classes are closed for ALL registration groups during different registration times. If day registration is in session, evening classes are closed for all groups and vice versa.

What do I do if a class is truly closed? Wait lists are added after registration has occurred for the period. A date when wait lists are added will be provided in your registration time ticket. Hundreds of students are moved off the wait list into open seats in classes so be sure to place yourself on wait lists for the classes you want. Instructions for wait listing are available at:

I see some wait lists are already available. Why are those open? Classes listed by professor permission usually have wait lists so students will be considered for seats in the classes. Instructions on how to contact the professor or what information is needed to be admitted to classes is available on the class schedules on the registrar’s website: