Reciprocity Policy

Reciprocity is either our agreement or the agreement of another law institution to allow graduates to use the job search resources available in the Office of Career Development & Opportunities. Utilizing the reciprocity agreement with other law schools is a wonderful job search tool when you are looking for employment in another city or geographic region of the country. It is important to understand that each law school has its own reciprocity requirements. Before requesting reciprocity, please contact the host school to confirm their current reciprocity policy.

As a University of Denver College of Law student/alumnus requesting reciprocity at another law school you must contact a Office of Career Development & Opportunities representative by calling 303-871-6124. When calling please provide the name of the school you are requesting reciprocity at, your name, address, and phone number. Be sure to request reciprocity at least one week before leaving town, if not sooner. This gives both our office as well as the career services office of the host school time to process your request. You will receive a copy of the reciprocity request letter and a copy of the host school’s response granting or denying reciprocity. If you are granted reciprocity be sure to show your copy of the acceptance letter when you arrive at the host school.

University of Denver Sturm College of Law Reciprocity Policy

  1. The University of Denver Sturm College of Law Office of Career Development & Opportunities offers reciprocity to students and graduates of ABA-accredited law schools.
  2. Reciprocity is available to law schools permitting DU law students and graduates use of their facilities. Reciprocity, which remains in effect for three months from the date of the written request, is granted on a one-to-one request basis. The first request for reciprocity from a particular law school will be accepted; however, a second request must be matched by a request by DU for reciprocity before the second reciprocity request will be accepted.
  3. Requests must be made in writing prior to the planned visit by an authorized representative of the law school requesting reciprocity. Please include the student’s/alumnus’ date of anticipated or actual graduation and a local address and phone number in the request.
  4. Reciprocity is not available from August 1 through November 15.
  5. The student/graduate must come into our office during the reciprocity period to utilize our resources. Employment listings, reference materials and office handouts will be made available to students/graduates using our office under a grant of reciprocity. Career counseling and access to our online job database are not available for reciprocity students and graduates. Reciprocity students and graduates may not submit applications to confidential job postings or participate in on-campus interviews.
  6. The Office of Career Development & Opportunities may deny reciprocity to individuals who misuse our facilities or do not comply with college policies. All Office of Career Development & Opportunities users are asked to sign in upon arriving at the office.

To request reciprocity, please contact:
Office of Career Development & Opportunities
University of Denver Sturm College of Law
2255 E. Evans, Suite 223
Denver, Colorado 80208
Tel: 303.871.6124

Non-DU Law Graduates

Subscriptions to DU Law School’s job postings are available for a fee. These are attorney positions only; no student-level positions are included. Subscribers will receive this bulletin semimonthly.

  • $60.00 per six months
  • $100.00 per year

Subscribers do not need a letter of reciprocity from their law schools.

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