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The Rocky Mountain West is characterized as much by its vibrant and diverse communities as by its sweeping plains and rugged mountains. The annual Western Places | Western Spaces conference explores the social and development issues facing communities—from large cities to small towns—as well as concerns about managing and preserving our natural heritage.

2023 Western Places | Western Spaces Conference

Framing the Future: Investing in Solutions for a Thriving West

The West is facing a series of compounding crises that threaten our way of life in the region. Extreme temperatures are impacting the ongoing drought, urban heat islands and public health, vulnerability to fire, our agricultural economy and food security, and our energy infrastructure. And yet people continue to move to the West, creating further pressure on our natural systems, our transportation and housing systems, and driving up the cost of living—especially the cost of housing—which jeopardizes the vitality of the entire region.

Although the challenges are growing, so are the creative solutions that communities can use to address these crises; mitigate their risks; adapt to a changing environment; advance diversity, equity, and inclusion; and build in resiliency to forge ahead when times get tough.

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