The Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute seeks to elevate the law, policy, and practice of sustainable development in the West to promote nature-friendly, prosperous, and equitable communities. Through innovative research, education, and professional development programs, along with its renowned annual conference, the Institute trains and connects students and professionals across disciplines, sectors, and regions to build the sustainable development field while creating new possibilities for the future of the West's landscapes and livelihoods.

Through teaching and mentoring a new generation of sustainable development professionals, RMLUI prepares them to be leaders in addressing the many challenges and demands of the 21st century, making them more competitive in an increasingly crowded and job-constrained marketplace. By engaging in novel research and training for the practice community, and convening them annually at RMLUI's signature conference and other events, the Institute is helping share and disseminate best-in-class methods and models among sustainable development professionals from across the region and nation, accelerating the spread of new ideas, and building bridges among a diverse community of lawyers, planners, developers, designers, engineers, policymakers, and others, thus positioning RMLUI as the trusted network hub for the emerging sustainable development field.