Research, Training and Convening: RMLUI Practice

RMLUI’s practice program includes three key areas. The first, research, is the Institute’s “R&D” capability, leveraging Sturm’s intellectual resources in the service of professional innovation. The training program is a follow-on to the research component, in which RMLUI’s research is brought to bear in professional development and other educational settings for the benefit of the practice community. Finally, RMLUI’s convening capability is exemplified by its signature annual conference, which serves to bring the community of practice together on a consistent basis for knowledge sharing, field building and networking. It is the Institute’s means for establishing itself as a “network hub” for sustainable development in the region and beyond.

The major focus of RMLUI’s current research is the Sustainable Community Development Code Framework. Additional opportunities are being pursued through RMLUI’s Academic Collaborators and Institute Partners, as well as partnerships with a variety of law firms, environmental organizations and government agencies.