The Legal Externship Program offers externships for credit to students who have completed a minimum of 28 credits. Students interested in earning credit for an externship experience are required to read the Externship Handbook before enrolling in the program.

To find an externship, you can search for an externship in the Supervising Attorney Search »

After finding a supervising attorney, please contact him/her to verify that they are able to accommodate your request for an externship. The externship credit hours registration should be done during your regular registration in MyWeb. Students who want to earn credit for their externship experience must also enroll in an accompanying for-credit seminar that will address topics to the specific practice area.

Students must complete at least 28 credits toward their JD degree before the semester of their externship.

All students interested in doing an externship outside the state of Colorado, or an externship for 5 or 6 credits, must meet with and receive approval from the Externship Director prior to the semester in which credit will be earned.

The Externship Program strongly discourages students from enrolling in two externships simultaneously. In our experience, neither the student nor either placement organization receives the full benefit of the externship experience if a student’s time is divided in this way.

You may not start working in your externship until both the Supervising Attorney Application and the Supervising Attorney Acceptance Form are approved by the Externship Director.