Qualities of Good Writing

Video Clip Title Chief Justice Name Time Video Link
Importance of Legal Writing Class and Good, Concise Writing Counts Justice Ginsburg 2:20 View Video
Credibility Justice Thomas 3:04 View Video
Conciseness – Rehnquist Anecdote Justice Roberts 1:29 View Video
The Importance of Clarity in Writing, Achieved Through Multiple Drafts Justice Breyer 1:04 View Video
Clarity the Importance of Editing, and the Value of a Well-Written Brief Justice Roberts 1:55 View Video
Readability and Conciseness Justice Thomas 2:25 View Video
Simplicity and Separating Relevant Information from Irrelevant Information Justice Alito 2:52 View Video
Memo Writing – Writing to your Audience Justice Kennedy 1:35 View Video
Eliminating Modifiers for More Direct Style Justice Kennedy 1:24 View Video
Justice Thomas, Avoiding String Citations Justice Thomas 1:21 View Video

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