Coursework and Curriculum

The concept of globalization has only been around for a short time, but it is already seen as a two-edged sword, with powerful connotations of development and exploitation, advancement of the poor and overconsumption by the rich. The study of International Human Rights Law, International Environmental Law and other courses in the public aspects of international law help students learn to address these competing and often opposing considerations, and to advocate for the benefit of those who are disadvantaged by the juggernaut of globalization. Courses in International Business Transactions prepare students for international legal practice and to work for business entities that are part of the growing commercial trade around the world, while International Organizations classes teach the structures of global public international law that make possible international health systems, peacekeeping and diplomacy.

These areas represent the more than 40 courses offered by the International Legal Studies Program at Denver Law.

Sample of ILSP Course Offerings

Anti-Corruption Law
Business Transactions in the European Union
Comparative Constitutional Human Rights Seminar
Comparative Corporate Law Seminar
Comparative Environmental Law
Comparative Employment Law
Comparative Latin American Mining Law
Comparative Law
Computers and Internet Law
Conflict of Laws
Corporate Social Responsibility
Counseling & Negotiation in Spanish
Crimmigation Law
Criminal Justice and International Human Rights
Doing Business in Mexico
Drafting Legal Documents in Spanish
Economics of Nat’l Resources & the Environment: Policy, Markets, and Economic Measurement
European Union Environmental Law & Policy
Environmental Ethics
European Union Law
Foreign & Int’l Law Legal Research
Global Climate Change Law
Global Trade & the Environment
Human Rights Law
Human Rights Seminar
Human Trafficking & Involuntary Servitude
Immigration Law
Advanced Immigration Law
Indigenous Peoples in International Law
International Bankruptcy
Int’l & Comparative Mining Law
Int’l & Comparative Petroleum Law
Int’l Aviation Law Seminar
Int’l Bankruptcy
Int’l Business Planning Seminar
Int’l Business Transactions in Spanish
Int’l Business Transactions: Federal Regulation
Int’l Business Transactions: Survey Course
Int’l Commercial Arbitration
Int’l Commercial Dispute Resolution
Int’l Commercial Law
Int’l Commercial Practice and Procedure
Int’l Conflict Resolution & Management
Int’l Contracts
Int’l Criminal & Humanitarian Law
International Criminal Law
International Criminal Law Practicum
International Criminal Tribunal Law
Int’l Environmental Law
Int’l Human Rights
Int’l Human Rights Law & Advocacy Course & Clinic
Int’l Human Rights Law of Indigenous Peoples
Int’l Law
Int’l Law Seminar: Russian Commercial Environment
Int’l Law and the Use of Force
Int’l Licensing of Intellectual Property
Int’l Mergers and Acquisitions
Int’l Organizations Seminar
International Practice and Procedure
Int’l Private Law & Int’l Civil Procedure
Int’l Sales
Int’l Securities Transactions
Int’l Trade Law
Int’l Trade & Investments
Int’l Water Law
Int’l Wildlife Law
Latin American Law
Latin American Law Case Study: The Mexican Legal System
Law and Force
Lawyering in Spanish Externship
Mining Law
Multinational Corporations, Corporate Social Responsibility & International Law
Native American Natural and Cultural Resources Law
Negotiation and Mediation
Ocean Law & Coastal Policy
Oil & Gas Law
Russian for Lawyers I & II
Secured Transactions
Securities Law
Securities Litigation
Securities Offerings
Securities Regulation
Spanish for Lawyers I & II
Sustainable Development & Int’l Trade
Taxation of International Transactions
Telecommunications Law
Trade Regulation

For a current list of course offerings please visit the Office of the Registrar.