• Liz Hutchinson

    The CDO put me in touch with the right people and helped me build my career. I am forever grateful for the CDO’s support and always recommend law students utilize the CDO’s services. Learning to ask for help will serve you well. Read more.

  • Jennifer Najjar

    The CDO educated me about the skills necessary to locate and obtain the types of jobs that aligned with what I wanted to get out of a legal career. Read more.

  • Nick Lopez

    I can trace my current position to the valuable connections and resources that the CDO offered me during my time at Sturm. Read more.

  • Lauren Hammond

    I found that the career development officers listened to my interests and encouraged my dedication to practicing public interest environmental law. I checked with the CDO on a frequent basis to request contact information for alumni who may be willing to meet with me and share experiences. The CDO was always willing to facilitate these contacts. I continue to contact the CDO about career path related questions. I envision a career-long relationship with DU Law’s CDO. Read more.

  • Colton Johnston

    As a law student, I was very nervous about finding a job that would be rewarding both vocationally and financially. The CDO team worked zealously alongside me to help me find the best possible situation. While a job search can be a humbling and self-deprecating experience, the CDO is a confidence-building and positivity-enhancing group passionate about helping each individual in their office. Read more.

  • Vanessa Otero

    The CDO helped me reach out to IP firms in the Denver legal community, and through those referrals, I ended up at my dream job, which I am still working at today. I’m extremely grateful for the CDO, its counselors, and the rest of the DU Law faculty for making it possible for me to launch a successful legal career. Read more.

Our Mission

The Office of Career Development & Opportunities (“CDO”) is dedicated to helping Denver Law students and alumni succeed in their careers. From the career planning stage, through applications, interviews and beyond, we can help you every step of the way. In particular, we pride ourselves in helping students connect with our vast network of alumni and other professionals, in Denver, throughout Colorado and beyond.

  • Assisting students and alumni with their career planning.
  • Helping students and alumni to develop the skills necessary to obtain satisfying and meaningful employment.
  • Connecting students, alumni and employers.

Blog Updates

2017 Plaintiffs Employment Law Association (PELA) Retreat (see $25 student registration)

Attorney General?s Honors Program (HP) and Summer Law Intern Program (SLIP) webinars: sign up to attend on 8/28 or 8/31 (DUE Sept. 5th)

Environmental Law and Policy Careers Panel

US Attorney?s Office in Denver is accepting Spring 2018 internship applications! (Aug. 18 deadline)

U.S. Dept. of Transportation Honors Attorneys Program (Due Sept. 1st!) OCI date at Denver Law on Sept. 8th

ABA Employment Summary Reports