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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The University of Denver Sturm College of Law understands the value of graduating students who can succeed in the courtroom on their first day in the profession. Thus, Sturm places a strong emphasis on trial and appellate advocacy in its curriculum. And not surprisingly, the students of Sturm perennially respond by passionately embracing the courses, programs and tournaments offered.

Courses include everything from Basic and Advanced Trial Practice, to Appellate Advocacy and Legal Writing, to the more hands-on focused clinic and “Street Law” courses.

Sturm compliments its courtroom-focused curriculum by also educating its students on how to effectively prepare a case prior to entering the courtroom. The law school offers a panoply of courses focusing on Depositions, Negotiations, Motions Practice, Pleadings, and Client Counseling, just to name a few.

The fruits of the school’s efforts are illuminated on the national stage. Sturm’s competitive advocacy corps includes ten different teams that travel to tournaments across the country. These teams include their nationally-recognized ABA, AAJ, Ethics, International Law, and Client Counseling teams.

With the support of award-winning faculty, seasoned trial practitioners, and student organizations such as the Student Trial Lawyers Association, the Moot Court Board, and the Student Bar Association, every academic year is filled with opportunities for Sturm students to continually participate in advocacy courses and programs, and receive the mentoring support that is vital, for Sturm graduates to excel in the profession.

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