Externs currently enrolled in a 1 credit seminar course:

If you are a first time or repeat extern currently enrolled in a corresponding 1 credit externship seminar course, you will have a reflective component for your seminar as identified by your seminar instructor. This reflective component may be journals, blogs or discussion boards. You should check the course requirements for your seminar course or ask your seminar instructor. You should follow the topic instructions given by your seminar instructor. If your seminar instructor has assigned blogs/journals, you do NOT need to submit journals for the field work component of your externship.

Repeat externs not enrolled in a 1 credit seminar course:

You are required to blog 6 times throughout the semester. The blog forum will be open for 1 week (from Monday to the following Monday night at midnight). Blog dues dates will be posted on the Canvas container for repeat externs.

The blog is an opportunity to post observations about the practice of law. You should post a minimum of 1 observation a week, and reply to the posting of at least one other student. These are intended to be short posts— 2 paragraphs of approximately 3 to 5 sentences, but they can be longer if you would like. These entries are an opportunity for you to reflect on your experience. Hopefully it will help you make sense of what you’ve learned, why you’ve learned it and how the learning took place.