At Denver Law, the study and practice of environmental and natural resources law knows no bounds.

Student lawyers in the Environmental Law Clinic advocate in the areas of urban environmentalism and wildlife preservation. The student-run Natural Resources & Environmental Law Society sponsors guest speakers throughout the year. Through research, education, professional development programs, and its renowned annual conference, the Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute elevates discussion about the practices supporting sustainable development. The Land Use Law Society is a student-run group promoting discourse and involvement in the areas of land use and real property law. Cutting-edge work of nationally and internationally recognized scholars, practitioners, officials, and others dealing with contentious issues in the fields of water law and water planning finds publication in the student-run Water Law Review.

The Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the scholarly and practical study of the law and regulations in the areas of mining, oil and gas, public lands, land use, conservation and environmental protection.