The Environmental and Natural Resources Law Program regularly hosts a free guest speaker lecture series once a month during the academic year. Participants bring their unique experiences and perspectives to an audience of students, alumni and faculty.

FALL 2013:

August 29, 2013: Professor Alex Gardner, The University of Western Australia
“Climate Change and Water Resources Law: A Looming Adaptation Crisis”

PowerPoint Presentation: Gardner_Climate_Change_and_Water_Resources_Law.pdf
References: Gardner_Climate_Change_and_Water_Resources_Law_References.pdf


Past roster of speakers have included:

September 2010: John Carver and Rebecca Watson, “Working at the Department of the Interior: The View from Two Former Assistant Secretaries.” See

October 2010: Danny Splettstosser and Leslie Weise, “Careers in Renewables and Clean Tech.” See

November 2010: Kate Iverson, “Denver’s ‘FasTracks’ Light Rail Project.” See

January 2011: Diego Parravicini and Leonardo Rodriguez, “Recent Developments in the Latin American Natural Resources Sector.” See

February 2011: Bruce Kirchhoff, “Managing Precious Metals Royalties.” See

March 2011: Alan Gilbert, “Working in the Department of the Interior: Recent Initiatives.” See

April 2011: Cathy Proctor, “Advice for Energy Lawyers: Industry Trends and Dealing with the Media.” See

September 2011: Chief Judge Randal Steckel and Michelle Hull, “The Development and Operation of Tribal Justice Systems.” See below for lecture materials.


February 2012:
Shaunna Mozingo, “Energy Codes: The Path to Near Net Zero Buildings.”

Dave Bowden, “The Undeniable Reality of Peak Oil.” Click Here to view a video of the talk.