Faculty Highlights and Intellectual Life

The Sturm College of Law is a research institution that takes the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge through scholarly discourse quite seriously. We boast a long tradition of rigorous legal scholarship, which has always been a central component of our academic mission.Experiential Learning

Our faculty members have placed articles over the past several years in many of the nation’s leading academic journals, including Harvard Law Review, Yale Law Journal, Stanford Law Review, Michigan Law Review, Virginia Law Review, UCLA Law Review, Georgetown Law Journal, Texas Law Review, Duke Law Journal, Iowa Law Review, Hastings Law Journal, Notre Dame Law Review, Indiana Law Journal, Illinois Law Review, Wisconsin Law Review, U.C. Davis Law Review, Emory Law Journal, George Washington Law Review, Fordham Law Review, Boston College Law Review, and North Carolina Law Review, and in numerous specialty journals at leading law schools. In addition, our faculty members have authored and edited books with many of the most prestigious academic publishers, including Oxford UScholarship and Intellectual Lifeniversity Press and Cambridge University Press. The school’s commitment to its scholarly mission is supported by an Associate Dean for Faculty Scholarship, who is appointed to facilitate and promote our faculty’s research.

The College of Law also has an extensive presence at the annual meeting of the Association of American Law Schools (AALS), where our faculty members routinely present papers and play leadership roles in a variety of AALS sections. In addition, we enjoy a long history of interdisciplinary scholarship, following in the tradition of our role as one of the founding law schools of the Law and Society Association.


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