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Welcome to The Renewable Energy Reader website! This site supports The Renewable Energy Reader by K.K. DuVivier and published by Carolina Academic Press in 2011 (ISBN 978-1-59460-873-5).The Renewable Energy Reader Cover

While you will need to go to the book for the more in-depth coverage it contains, this website can be your source for materials that should enhance your experience with the book and provide you with useful information about renewable energy resources and renewable energy law.

We hope you will explore the site to find the table of contents for the book; a sample chapter; color versions of the book illustrations; links to professional organizations, government agencies, and other websites with valuable data and graphics about renewables; fun renewable energy videos; and more.



Read the Table of Contents and Chapter 1 here.

Additional Teaching Resources, click here.

Professor KK DuVivier’s Faculty Profile page.

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