Sutton Colloquium

Past Colloquia

2019 "Gender Equity & Women's Empowerment: Fragile Progress 25 Years after Beijing"
2018 "Human Rights & Human Dignity in Uncertain Times"
2017 "De-Carbonization in a Post-Paris World"
2016 “Crisis of Refugees and Mass Migration: Failure of International Law & Policy”
2015 “Sustainable Development & Sustainable Energy—Challenges to Global Governance”
2014 “Reassessing International Economic Law & Development: New Challenges for Law and Policy”
2013 “International Legal Perspectives on the Future of Development”
2012 “Approaching the Limits of Growth in the 21st Century: Sustainable Development vs. Sustainability”
2011 “The Arab Spring and its Unfinished Business: Law and Policy Issues”
2010 “Drones and their Implication for International Law”
2009/ 2010 “Sustainable Development, Corporate Governance, and International Law”
2008 “The War on Terror and Its Implications for International Law & Policy”
2007 “International Business, Trade, Investment, and Dispute Settlement”
2006 “Frontiers & Horizons in International Law: The View from DU”
2005 “Protecting Human Rights: A Global Challenge”
2004 “Collective Security and the UN”
2003 “International Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibility”
2002 “International Terrorism, Ethnic Conflicts and Self-Determination”
2001 “NAFTA – Unresolved Issues: Dispute Resolution, Environment, Labor and Transportation”
2000 “Military Intervention on Humanitarian Grounds after Rwanda, Kosovo, Sierra Leone and East Timor”
1999 “International Environmental Law and Policy”
1998 “Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights”
1997 “The Celebration of 50 Years of the International Court of Justice”
1996 “The Challenge of Ethnic Conflict & the Response of the World Community”
1995 “The UN at 50: Responding to Challenges of the 21st Century”
1994 “The Road Since Rio…The Environment After the Earth Summit”
1993 “Implementing Universal Human Rights Standards”
1992 “NAFTA: Canada, USA, Mexico – Partners for Peace and Prosperity”
1991 “Use of Force in the Post-Cold-War Era”
1990 “Trade with the European Economic Community: Implications of the Unification Process”
1989 “International Narcotics Trafficking”
1988 “The Global Environment: An International Challenge”
1987 “International Terrorism: Challenge and Response”
1986 “Refugees: Close the Door? Response to a Global Challenge”
1985 “A World Free of Hunger: Challenges and Opportunities”
1984 “Crisis in Central America”
1983 “Nuclear Weapons and Human Survival”
1982 “International Terrorism: Challenges & Prospects”
1976 “Water Needs for the Future”

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