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Registering for a Competition
Prior to each competition, the Moot Court Board will announce information session and competition sign-up dates that will accommodate both day and evening student schedules. Each competition is limited to a certain number of competitors/teams, and spaces are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Because of this limited space, you must submit a bond check at sign-up to reserve your spot in the competition. You will also be advised of final drop date. If you choose to withdraw from the competition, you must do so on or before the drop date or your bond check will be cashed.

If you cannot attend a sign-up session, please contact the Board member running the competition. If space is still available you can arrange to submit your bond check and register yourself/team. If the competition is full, you may place your name on the waiting list and a Board member will contact you if space becomes available. Remember: sign-ups are first-come, first served.

If you would like to participate in a team competition, but do not have a partner, you may secure your team’s spot with a bond check and submit your teammate’s information to the competition administrator later. The competition lead may also be able to match you with another individual competitor. If you are unable to find a teammate, be sure to withdraw prior to the final drop date to avoid forfeiting your bond check.

Bond Checks
A bond check serves as a deposit for a competitor or team’s space in a competition. It is required at sign-up and will be destroyed by the Moot Court Board once you complete the competition, or upon timely withdrawal. If you withdraw from the competition after the final drop date, or at any point during the competition, you forfeit your bond check and it will be cashed. Any attempt to stop payment on a forfeited bond check will result in permanent disqualification from Moot Court Competitions.

Withdrawing from a Competition
When you register yourself or your team for a competition you are advised of the final drop date. Please notify the Board member running the competition if you no longer want to compete. If you withdraw on or before the final drop date, you will be removed from the competitor list and your bond check will be destroyed.

Withdrawal from a competition after the final drop date will automatically bar you from participation in Moot Court Board sponsored competitions for one (1) calendar year and forfeiture of your bond check. The Moot Court Board reserves discretion to remove or modify the automatic one-year bar on participation if the circumstances giving rise to the late withdrawal are either exigent or particularly egregious. Any attempt to stop payment on a bond check will result in permanent disqualification from Moot Court Competitions.

Board Membership
The Moot Court Board typically accepts applications for membership in the spring of each academic year. Additional application periods may occur based on need and interest. Applications generally consist of a resume and statement of interest explaining the reasons you wish to participate on the Board. Candidates also participate in a panel interview by the current Board.

If you are interested in applying to be on the Board, please keep in mind that past participation in at least one Moot Court Competition is required for Board membership. Participation in the DU/CU Cup, STLA or mock trial events sponsored by other student organizations do not fulfill this requirement.

Keep an eye out for important communication regarding Board Membership and other events throughout the year.

Information for Judges
We are always looking for distinguished members of the Denver legal community to act as judges for the Moot Court Board Competitions. Please contact one of the Co-Vice Presidents of Judge Recruitment if you would like to judge an upcoming competition!

Competitor Information
Are there Pre-Requisites I Must Complete Before Participating in a Moot Court Board Competition?
No. With the exception of the Daniel S. Hoffman Trial Advocacy Competition, all members of the University of Denver, Sturm College of Law may participate in any of the competitions. We conduct information sessions prior to each competition to review the basic skills required for each event. Also, feel free to contact the competition lead to determine the availability of outside resources to help you prepare.

How Much Preparation is required for Each Competition?
It depends. Each competition is different and addresses a different aspect of counseling or advocacy. For example, the Client Counseling and Negotiations competitions require exemplary communication in a client meeting setting and the ability to prepare materials beforehand is limited. Alternatively, the trial and appellate advocacy competitions require more preparation ahead of time in the form of research, writing, and formal oral advocacy practice.

Be sure to attend the information sessions prior to each competition to learn more about what is required.

How Should I Dress for a Competition?
The competitions are an opportunity for you to present yourself as a professional. You will be competing against fellow students in front of practicing attorneys, judges, magistrates, and justices. Your overall score does take into account your presentation, which includes your professionalism. Therefore, it is important that you put your best foot forward and dress in professional attire.

Can I Use Outside Assistance to Prepare for a Competition?
Generally outside assistance is not permitted. The Moot Court Board competitions are an educational experience. Any assistance obtained from outside persons (other than participants or team members), or sources beyond the scope of materials provided by the competition organizers is prohibited. Each competition has specific rules governing the information available for a competitor’s use. Any information or resources solicited beyond the rules of each competition is a violation of the Honor Code.

What if I Think Someone is not being a Fair Competitor?
The Honor Code of the University of Denver, Sturm College of Law is applicable to all Moot Court Board competitions. If you are concerned about a participant’s conduct, please speak with a Board member. All information will remain confidential, and any suspected violations of the Honor Code will be reported to the Honor Board.

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