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Law Student Ambassadors

What is the DU Law Student Ambassadors program?

The DU Law Student Ambassadors program is an organization developed for DU Law students who work with the Office of Alumni and Development as representatives of the law school. The Student Ambassadors are an exceptional group of individuals from within the DU Law community who, as both individuals and a group, present a tangible student identity to DU Law alumni. Ambassadors are a diverse group of academic achievers and represent a broad spectrum of interest areas in the legal practice.

What does someone serving as a DU Law Student Ambassador do?

DU Student Law Ambassadors serve as liaisons between the College of Law, the Office of Alumni and Development and the Denver Law community. Members are responsible for attending and assisting with Office of Alumni and Development programs throughout the year. Those students interested in becoming an ambassador should be prepared to interact with DU Law alumni, faculty, and senior administrators in social settings in a mature, respectful manner. Ambassadors are encouraged to form professional relationships in these settings that will benefit both alumni and students. Additionally, ambassadors have the opportunity to travel with the dean, faculty representatives, and Alumni & Development Office staff to regional events across the country as representatives of the law school. Because the DU Law Student Ambassador program exists outside of the SBA organization, all members are required to pay a small annual due.

Why should someone be a DU Law Student Ambassador?

A DU Law Student Ambassador has the unique opportunity of getting involved in the law school and Denver legal community at a level other groups cannot provide. This program directly exposes its members to key alumni and friends from across the nation and in all types of legal pursuits. Ambassadors enjoy increased opportunities for networking among legal practitioners in the Denver community and around the nation.

Board Members

President: Amanda Spitzenberger
Vice President: Travis Campbell
Treasurer: Abby Weinberg
Outreach and Student Affairs Coordinator : Caley Carlson

Sturm College of Law
University of Denver
2255 E. Evans Avenue
Denver, CO 80208