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Corporate Governance Society

About the Corporate Governance Society

The Corporate Governance Society was founded in May 2006 by a group of interested students from the University of Denver College of Law.

CGS members are also involved in creating the student-faculty blog and DU’s Corporate Governance website with Professor Jay Brown.


The mission of the University of Denver Corporate Governance Society at the Sturm College of Law is five fold:

(1) To encourage vigorous debate on issues that are of vital importance in the arena of corporate governance, and on issues that transcend boundaries and affect the future of corporate governance around the world.

(2) To develop an understanding of the purpose and structure of the SEC, and the scope and depth of the issues facing the organization.

(3) To understand the dynamics of the state and federal regulatory systems and the role of the SEC in the development and enforcement of such regulatory measures.

(4) To stimulate discussion amongst the DU community pertaining to current corporate governance issues with the intention of presenting areas of particular concern within a forum that expresses multiple perspectives in an equal opportunity setting.

(5) To create a network between working professionals and members of the society who are interested in pursuing a career in corporate governance, and create internship and employment opportunities for the members of the society.


President: Ryan Cole

Vice-President: Thomas Ford

Treasurer: Thomas Ford

Secretary: Thomas Ford

Technology Editor: Panagiotis Koutrouvelis

Senior Editor: Kaley Rickert

Senior Editor: Bailey Ross


e-mail: DU Corporate Governance Society



Sturm College of Law
University of Denver
2255 E. Evans Avenue
Denver, CO 80208