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Beginning Your Service Hours
1Ls are not required to complete service hours as we encourage 1Ls to focus on classes, however you may still complete them if you so choose.
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Documenting Your Service Hours
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Documentation of hours is due monthly by the 5th day of each month. Submissions are due in September, October, November, January, February, March, and April. (If you do work in December or May, fill out the forms for those months) Please fill out the online submission form to record these hours using the link provided above. Please contact the Chancellor’s Scholars account ( if you have any questions or problems using this website.

Hours Requirement
The total hours logged must equal 600 at graduation. This averages out to 300 hours each for your 2L and 3L year (as hours are not required during 1L year). However, there is no weekly or semester requirement and you can complete hours at any point during your time as a student at Denver Law.

What “counts?”
A variety of volunteer service may count toward the fulfillment of your C-Scholar public service requirement. The volunteer service need not be legal in content, but the service hours represent a great opportunity to learn more about different areas of the law, so legal service is encouraged. If you contribute a significant amount of work to a DU Law student organization (as an officer or otherwise), you may count those hours toward your service requirement. Similarly, if you are working 30 hours a week for an organization, but only 15 of those hours are compensated with pay or credit, you may use the remaining, uncompensated hours toward the C-Scholar service requirement.

What doesn’t count?
If you are being compensated in any way for your work, you may not count those hours toward your C-Scholar public service. Compensation would include situations where you are being paid, receiving credit, or receiving a stipend or clerkship money. Clinic, Law Review, and Journal hours do not count.

Your DU public service requirement does not overlap with your C-Scholar requirement. You must do a total of 50 DU public service hours separate from your C-Scholar hours.

“Banking” Your Hours
You may bank your hours in the semester immediately preceding or following a semester in which you are unable to complete your hours. For example, if you know that you will have outstanding commitments in Spring 2008, you may bank hours in Fall 2007 or Summer 2008 to allocate to your Spring 2008 service.

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