Student Handbook

Tuition and Financial Aid

You can view the Bursar’s Office webpage at

Tuition and Billing

Tuition bills are due 10 days prior to the star of classes each term. You can pay your bill in a variety of ways, including: financial aid, payment plans, and one-time payments. For additional details, please go to: Billing & Financial Aid Refunds or the Bursar’s Office website.

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Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financial aid is an important part of financing your law school education. At Denver Law, 88% of students receive some type of financial aid, including federal student loans, and about 50% of students receive scholarships.

Students can receive financial aid up to their Cost of Attendance (or Student Budget). The cost of attendance includes both direct costs (tuition and fees) which are billed by the university and indirect costs (living expenses, books, etc) which are not billed directly to you but are a part of the costs of attending law school. It is meant to provide an estimate of the cost of one year at Denver Law; each student’s actual expenses, especially living expenses, will vary.

Merit scholarships are awarded through the admissions process and typically renewable for 6 semesters for day students and 8 semesters for evening students. Additional annual scholarship opportunities are available to continuing students through the Named Scholarship Application process.

Federal student loans are available to students who file a FAFSA application at

For more information, please visit the website of the Office of Student Financial Management.

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