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Tip of the Month - March 2019

5 Ways to Increase Your Happiness


1. Mitigate the Negative:  When we interject humor or gratitude into a stressful situation, we mitigate the damage that negative emotions such as anger, depression, or anxiety can cause.
2. Be Yourself:  Don't compare yourself to others; learn from them instead.  Look for traits in people that you admire, and adopt those traits for yourself.
3. Don't Blame Others for Your Mood:  No one "makes” you sad, angry, or upset.  Only you can decide how you feel at any given moment.
4. Let Go of Mistakes:  Learn from the past and move on.  Nothing is accomplished from beating yourself up over things you wish you had done differently, or perseverating about things other people did that upset you.
5. Change Your Theme:  Since we repeat the same types of thoughts on a daily basis, identify the "theme" you usually have in your head and make it more positive.

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